hip hop & punk feminisms cfp

5 - 6 DECEMBER 2013
Proposals due: Friday, 23 August 2013

This conference will bring together artists, activists and academics to stage new conversations about women of color and women of color feminisms across cultural forms too often perceived to be wholly distinct – hip hop and punk. Both hip hop and punk have received significant scholarly attention since the 1970s, but despite their near-simultaneous emergence in global cities wrought anew through multiple, devastating wars and global economic restructuring, rarely are the two brought into conversation with each the other.  
With this conference, we hope to disrupt status quo narratives and present wholly new analytic and aesthetic investigations about race, sex, and the creation of categories of deviance; race, gender, and sexuality in cultural studies and the politics of aesthetics; queer of color critique and women of color feminist epistemologies; social movements, activism, and art; norms of respectability, morality, and propriety and their politics of value; and, systems and structures of violence and human value. Perceiving a need for a greater nuanced comparative analyses and collaborations across disciplines or fields of inquiry, itself a topic of ongoing scholarship, this conference aims to break ground on what that looks, feels, and sounds like. 
We invite presentations, papers, performances, work-in-progress, new media, workshops, panels, related to (or building on) the following themes/issues:  
Genealogies and as well multiple origin stories for hip hop and/or punk across diasporas and the globe (against a wholly distinct and discrete genealogy, or singular origin story, for each) 
Inter-genre corporeal practices and body aesthetics  
Theories of aesthetics and value that emerge from hip hop and/or punk cultures  
Critical conversations on hip hop and/or punk organizing and disorganization  
New media, web series, blogs, zines, and ciphers  
Critiques and political polemics that imagine futurity or negativity (and the uses and challenges to them from women of color feminisms)  
Disruptive youth cultures and oppositional activism, or their lack (can we necessarily presume disruption or opposition? what conditions are required? through what measures do we recognize these?)  
The ephemeral and haptic qualities of hip hop and punk performances (including the events, actions, and encounters between bodies that shape social and cultural formations within hip hop and punk cultures)  
Art and music inspired by hip hop and punk collaborations  
Experimental hip hop/punk methodologies and pedagogies  
What to send:  
For individual proposals:
Please send a 350-word (maximum) abstract of your conference contribution.
All submissions will be reviewed by the conference co-organizers.  
For collective/panel proposals:
Please send a 300-word (maximum) description of the overall goal, vision, and content for the collective contribution.
In addition, please provide no more than a 250-word abstract of each individual’s contribution.
All submissions will be reviewed by the conference co-organizers.  
All proposals must also include the following information:
Author(s) name, affiliation(s), and brief bio
Email address or preferred contact
Title of presentation
Key words  
Send proposals to HipHopAndPunkFeminisms at gmail.com with the following subject heading:
abstract submission.
All proposals accepted for and presented at the conference will be considered for publication in a collection, tentatively titled, Hip Hop and Punk Feminisms: Genealogy, Theory, Performance

apparently abstracts are still being accepted. see here for more info.