Black Sun: The Undercurrents of (Un)Popular Music cfp

Black Metal / Neo-Folk / Industrial and Martial Industrial Music

Beneath the veneer of the popular, away from the spotlight of the charts and a putative mainstream, music is still made and audiences continue to engage powerfully and productively with the bands and musicians. Here, though, a different set of musical, political and affective currents are at work; here the music deals with, and circulates around, discourses of violence and aggression, racism and nationalism, fascism, militarism and totalitarianism, paganism and Satanism amongst other unsettled and disturbing topics. Black Sun: The Undercurrents of (Un)Popular Music seeks to gather together contemporary critical writing that explores and reports from music’s periphery, seeking to understand how these genres work, how fans connect with and make meaning as part of their engagement, and how the artists and bands engage with their lived experiences of the world.  
This collection is designed to be a serious critical engagement with these genres in order to provide a greater understanding of the ways in which the musicians, bands and fans utilize and respond to the discourses that make these genres so troubling and which ensure their continued distance from mainstream media and public acceptance. Black Sun will be oriented towards the both the serious fans of these genres and also to scholars of popular culture, and will provide accessible explorations into these genres, in such a way as to encourage further scholarship and critical engagement.  
Chapters that respond to the following areas are particularly encouraged: 
· Histories
o Genres and sub-genres
o Bands of Central Importance
o Panics, Outcries, Scaremongering 
· Politics
o Right Wing, Left Wing, Apolitical
o Racism / Homophobia / Sexism / Anti-Semitism  
· Aesthetics
o Album Cover Art / Website Design / Merchandise
o Band performances
o Musician aesthetics  
· Fan Communities
o Festivals / Distanced fans / Pilgrimages
o Entering or Leaving the Scene
o Gender, Ethnicity, Sexuality  
Please e-mail any queries; abstracts of 300 words with contact information included (MS Word or rich text formats) should be e-mailed to Dr. Scott Wilson by July 1, 2013, for earliest consideration. Unpublished full or partial articles, if available, may also be included with your abstract. The final deadline for full articles will be January 10th, 2014. E-mail swilson2 [at] unitec.ac.nz



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