IASPM-ANZ 2013 Conference: Call for Papers

Popular Music Communities, Places and Ecologies
Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University
24-26 November 2013

Organising Committee:         Dan Bendrups, Jodie Taylor, Donna Weston

Program Committee:            Sarah Baker, Kate Barney, Andy Bennett, Gavin Carfoot, Jadey O’Regan, Narelle McCoy

We are pleased to announce this call for papers for the 2013 IAPSM-ANZ conference, which will be held at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, in conjunction with the International Music Council’s 5th World Forum for Music (21-24 November). The theme of the IMC World Forum is ‘Sustaining Music, Engaging Communities’ with a strong emphasis on the interplay between music, musicians and their various environments of activity (natural, built, social and cultural, etc). Drawing on this, the theme of the 2013 IASPM-ANZ conference, Popular Music Communities, Places and Ecologies seeks to foster scholarly engagement with the various ways in which music, people and place are connected. While notions of of ‘community’ and ‘place’ are well-established constructs in popular music studies, we introduce here the notion of ‘ecology’ as a further consideration in the relationship between popular music and place. This term may be understood literally, in reference to the natural or physical environment, or figuratively, as a metaphor for the numerous other possible environments of popular music production and consumption.

Abstracts for paper presentations on any aspect of this theme are invited from all researchers with an interest in popular music, regardless of disciplinary orientation. All papers detailing new and established research in the field will be considered, though preference may be given to papers that demonstrate clear engagement with the theme. Papers with a theoretical orientation are particularly encouraged, as are submissions from postgraduate students. Panel submissions of up the three papers are also welcome. Please submit your proposal as a Word doc, in plain text, with the following information (in this order):

  • Name of author(s) (exactly as you would like it to appear in the program)
  •  Institution or affiliation
  •  Contact phone number, including international codes
  • Email
  • Consideration for 2012 IASPM-ANZ postgraduate prize?* (Yes/No)
  • Title of paper
  • 3 keywords for your paper (for programming purposes)
  • Abstract (300 words maximum)
*The IAPSM-ANZ postgraduate prize of AUD$250 is awarded to the best postgraduate presenter at the conference, as determined by a panel of established IAPSM-ANZ members. Only current postgraduate students are eligible. Past winners may not apply.
 Information on registration, accommodation and additional activities will be posted on the IASPM-ANZ website following the abstract review process. All presenters are required to be financial members of IASPM. Membership information can be found at the IASPM-ANZ webpage: www.iaspm.org.au, and will also be provided at the time of conference registration.

Deadline for submissions: 12 April 2013

Email for submissions and enquiries: iaspmanz2013@griffith.edu.au


the amazing line-up for the heavy metal and popular culture conference at bowling green:

All events are in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union on the campus of Bowling Green State University unless otherwise noted.   THURSDAY, APRIL 4 
Registration 8:00AM-5:00PM 
Conference Opening and Welcome: Jeremy Wallach (Bowling Green State Univ, USA) 9:30-10:00AM in UN 206 
KEYNOTE: Robert Walser (Case Western Reserve University, USA)10:00-11:30AM in UN 206 
Lunch Break 12:00-1:00PM  
Session 1: Rethinking Heavy Metal, 1:00-2:30PM UN 206 
Hecker, Pierre (Univ of Marburg, Germany)   Metal as Cultural Practice
Norberg, Lars (The Univ of Agder, Norway) Progressivity: Reconsidering Heavy Metal
Scott, Niall (Univ of Central Lancashire,UK) Heavy Metal as Resistance
Mynett, Mark (Univ of Huddersfield, UK )  Humanizing the Machine: Technological Mediation and the Notions of Authenticity, Integrity and Liveness in Contemporary Metal Music  
Session 2: Crossing Over: Metal Transgressing Genre and Cultural Boundaries, 3:00-4:30PM UN 206
Deeks, Mark (Univ of Leeds, UK)   Landscape and Mythology as Heavy Metal Fashion
Walter, Barbara (St Louis College of Pharmacy, USA)   Beyond Black: Satanism, Medievalism, and the Dark Illumination of the Self in the Aesthetics of Norwegian and Transnational Black Metal
Welker, Lauren (Independent Scholar, USA)   Local Roots, International Audiences: Transcultural Appeal and Strategies in European Folk/-Pagan Metal
Tsitos, William (Towson Univ, USA)  Reactions to Crossover/Thrash Metal in Punk and Metal Scenes

Session 3 Metal Sounds 5:00-6:30PM, UN 206
Coggins, Owen (The Open Univ, UK)  Drone Metal Recordings as Mystical Texts
Lambright, Spencer Neil (Middle Tennessee St Univ), USA   Electronic Distortion and Tonal Stability in Heavy Metal
Smialek, Eric (McGill Univ, Canada)   Becoming the Beast: Musical Expression in the Extreme Metal Voice
Ebert, Kevin (Xavier Univ, USA)   Bridging the Divide? Classical Music and Popular Culture in Symphonic Metal  
Dinner 6:30-8:00PM 
The Heavy Metal T-Shirt Project & Motörhead Matters
 8:00-10:00PM in UN 206
 Session 4: Race With the Devil: The Racial Politics of Heavy Metal, or Who Gets to Play (with) Heavy Metal Anyway? 8:00-9:30AM UN 228 
 CHAIR: Fellezs, Kevin (Columbia Univ, USA)   Edge of Insanity: Tony MacAlpine and Virtuosity as Transcendence
Matabane, Mashadi (Emory Univ, USA)   Sister Outsiders? A Critical Meditation on Two Black Women’s Musicianship in U.S. Heavy Metal
Brown, Andy (Bath Spa Univ, UK)   A League of Extraordinary Djentlemen?: Geekdom, Virtuosity and the Relative ‘Un-marking’ of Race in On-line Progressive-Metal Fandom Threads
Session 5: Women and Gender in Heavy Metal, 10:00-11:30AM UN 228
Hill, Rosemary Lucy (Univ of York, UK)   Are Women Metal Fans Groupies? The Impact of Dominant Representations of Women Rock and Metal Fans Upon Female Fans
Kitteringham, Sarah (Univ of Calgary, Canada)   Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses: The Rise of Women in Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal and Grindcore
Patterson, Jamie (Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)   Blasting Britney on the Way to Goatwhore: Listening Practices and Authenticity Among Female-Identified Fans of Death Metal in Piedmont North Carolina
Smit, Christopher (Calvin College, USA)   Metal Gaga: Appropriation, Post-Consumption and the Metal Aesthetic
Lunch 11:30AM-1:00PM
Session 6: Local Scenes and Sounds, Historically and Today 1:00-2:30PM UN 228
Riches, Gabby (Univ of Leeds, UK)   Headbanging in the Margins: A Case Study of 3 Underground Metal Venues in Leeds, UK
Thibodeau, Anthony (Bowling Green State Univ, USA)   Genre, Scene and Ritual in Cascadian Black Metal
Spracklen, Karl (Leeds Metropolitan Univ, UK)   Keeping Time, Paying Bills: Serious Leisure, Imaginary Communities, Social Media and the Northern English Black Metal Scene 
Guibert, Gérôme (Univ of Paris, Sorbonne-Nouvelle, France)   “Marche ou crève”: Trust and the Singular Birth of French Heavy Metal in the Late ‘70s 
ROUNDTABLE:  What Are the Origins and Meaning of Heavy Metal? 3:00-4:30PM IN UN 206 
Moderated by Brian Hickam (Benedictine Univ, USA) 
PANELISTS: Deena Weinstein (DePaul Univ, USA), Steve Waksman (Smith Coll, USA), Karl Spracklen (Leeds Metropolitan Univ, UK), Rob Kimple (Owner of RamaLama Records, Toledo scene veteran, and concert promoter, USA), Martin Popoff (journalist, author of 41 metal books, former editor-in-chief and co-founder of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine, Canada)  
EXHIBIT: “Beyond the Black: Masks and Facepaint through Genres, History & Cultures” 9:00AM-5:00PM in UN 200D
Session 7: Global Dimensions Saturday, April 6 9:00-10:30AM 
Snell, Dave (Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand)   Bogan’s Heroes: Thrash Metal in the Public Eye 
Trummer, Manuel (Univ of Regensberg, Germany)   “Musicians Should Never Turn into Servants of Politics”: Metal, Politics and Pop Culture in post-Soviet South Caucasus 
Verne, Markus (Univ of Bayreuth, Germany)   Fragile Hearts: Mainstreaming Metal in Madagascar

Zheng Yu (Bowling Green State Univ, USA)   The Scene of Chinese Heavy Metal after the Golden Age: From Painkiller to the Globe  
KEYNOTE: “RACE, GENDER AND AUTHENTICITY IN EXTREME MUSIC” BY LAINA DAWES (Journalist, Photographer,  Writer, Canada)  11:00AM-12:30PM IN UN 206                                              
Lunch 12:30-1:30PM 
ROUNDTABLE: HEAVY METAL and COMMUNITY 1:30-3:00PM IN UN 206                                          
Moderated by Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone (Univ of Central Missouri, USA) 
PANELISTS: Niall Scott (Univ of Central Lancashire, UK), Sarah Kitteringham (Univ of Calgary, Canada), Bryan Bardine (Univ of Dayton, USA), Esther Clinton (Bowling Green State Univ, USA), Todd Evans (Gwar, Mobile Death Camp) additional panelist(s) TBA         
Session 8: Finnish Take on Metal Management and Consumption 
Saturday, April 6 3:30-5:00PM  
CHAIR: Karjalainen, Toni-Matti (Aalto Univ School of Business, Finland)   In Somnium Exportata: A Finnish Story of International Metal Labor 
Perttula, Eeva (Aalto Univ School of Business, Finland)   Leadership by Perkele? Managing a Creative Metal Music Venture
Salo, Anna (Aalto Univ School of Business, Finland)  The Anatomy of a Metal Festival: Tuska in Hellsinki 
Session 9: Heavy Metal and Culture in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico: National Identities, Religion and Gender  
Saturday, April 6, 5:30-7:00 PM 
CHAIR: Varas-Dias, Nelson (Univ of Puerto Rico and Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences)   On your knees and pray! The Role of Religion in the Development of a Metal Scene in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico 
Mendoza, Sigrid (Univ of Puerto Rico and Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences)   There’s a Girl in the Mosh Pit! Female Gender Practices in Puerto Rico’s Heavy Metal Scene 
Rivera-Segarra, Eliut & Osvaldo González (Univ of Puerto Rico and Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences)   “Con la mancha de plátano”: The Role of National Identities in Puerto Rico’s Metal Scene.  
EXHIBIT: “Beyond the Black: Masks and Facepaint through Genres, History & Cultures” 11:00AM-5:00PM in UN 200D

 Session 10 Nostalgia and Kitsch: Metal Gets Sentimental
 Sunday, April 7 11:00am-12:30PM 
Klypchak, Brad (Texas A & M Commerce, USA)   “…Another Thing Coming”: Nostalgia and Kitsch in Mass Cultural Manifestations of “Metal”
Sollee, Kristen (Independent Scholar, USA)   “Where is Def Leppard?  Where is Mötley Crüe?  Why Do All My Lyrics Sound Like Dr. Seuss?”  Steel Panther and the Parodic Revival of Glam Metal 
McCombe, John (Univ of Dayton, USA)   The Emergence of Realist Metal Video on MTV, 1983-1985, or Metal in the Pre-Tawny Kitaen Era on MTV
Bayer, Gerd (Univ of Erlangen, Germany)   Sentimental Comedy and the Heavy Metal Documentary
ROUNDTABLE: THE TOLEDO HEAVY METAL SCENE moderated by Matt Donahue (BGSU) Panelists: TBA 
Session 11 Comics, Sci-Fi and Superheroes: Metal Meets Fiction Sunday, April 7 2:30-4:00PM      
Heesch, Florian (Univ of Music, Drama and Media, Germany)  Nordic Metal Avenger: Jon Mikl Thor’s Performances of Superhero Characters 
McKinnon, Colin (Independent Scholar, Switzerland)  Metal and Comics: Strange Bedfellows? 
Roby, David (Texas A & M, USA)   Metalocalypse as Meta-Discourse
Wiebe, Laura (McMaster Univ, Canada)   ‘Musicians from Mars’: Negotiating Music, Genre and Identity in Voivod’s Science Fictional Metal

 Closing Remarks by Esther Clinton (Bowling Green State Univ, USA) 4:30-4:45PM in UN 206

Tuesday, April 2, other music film series presents Global Metal and Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Grounds for Thought coffee shop, Main St, BG 7 PM.
Wednesday, April 3, Welcome reception for conference delegates.  Time and location TBA.
Friday, April 5, Book signing with Laina Dawes, author of What Are You Doing Here?  A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal 8 PM.  
Friday, April 5, 9 PM Concert: MAD 45 (local Toledo/BG band).  
Saturday, April 6, Live music, TBA. 
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