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i have just come back from this event, here, where a number of our lot (including ted mitew, kate bowles, graham barwell, chris moore, chris brennan-horley, and dean chan), met and talked with a number of colleagues at umeå.
here are some of the people we heard from and some of the things they told us about:

anna johansson, talking about self-harm online.

jim barrett (see here also) on twitter and social media.

tim hutchings on evangelical christianity online (like this or this).

ted talking about the internet of things, and sociable objects like those seen here and here.

mats deutschmann on using second life for teaching and investigating the relations between gender and language.

fredrik palm talking about database visualisation, like qviz and sead.

mike frangos on networks and social media aesthetics.

simon lindgren talking about the #feb17 hashtag.

julia pennlert, looking at poeter.se and poetbay to think about how poets use social networking.

hanna outakoski on using second life to teach sami.

coppelie cocq talking about social media and indigenous language survival (like see here and here).

christy dena talking about transmedia and interdisciplinarity (for instance this).

so that was frankly awesome. there are plans afoot for us to work more with them in the future and to figure out really robust ways to join forces and fight crime. watch this and the above named spaces. here comes jet lag.

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