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Sonic Doom: Decay, Disease, and Destruction in Music

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2011

From the Requiem Mass to death metal, from mourning to torture, music has long been used as a means of evoking, communicating, and sometimes creating decay, disease, and destruction. Music can represent otherwise inexpressible states of sublimity and pain, and can function as a means of representing, mediating, and understanding violence and loss. We invite you to join us in opening new dialogues on the darker side of musical and sonic culture. The many possible avenues of inquiry include, but are not limited to, investigations of violence, death, and disease in music, the destructive or restorative possibilities of sound, the effects of music and sound on the body, and questions of decadence and decay.

ECHO: A Music-Centered Journal is pleased to announce its fifth annual conference, “Sonic Doom: Decay, Disease, and Destruction in Music,” to be held at UCLA on May 13-14. Scholars from all disciplinary and methodological backgrounds are invited to submit proposals for papers on this theme. We also welcome proposals for presentations that deviate from the standard paper format, including performances, lecture recitals, multimedia work, etc. Presentations will each be twenty minutes long (around 2400 words), followed by ten minutes for discussion.

Individual presenters should submit an abstract of 300 words or less, and should also include: 1) the paper or presentation title; 2) the author's name and a brief biography (50-100 words); 3) institutional affiliation and contact information; 4) audio-visual requirements.

Proposals for pre-arranged panels of two or three papers are also welcome (although individual papers from panel submissions might be selected separately). Panel proposals should include all of the above requirements for each member of the panel, as well as a separate, more general description of the panel's overall theme (200-250 words).

Submissions must be received by March 1, 2011 and may be sent electronically to echoconf@ucla.edu (please put "Echo Conference Submission" and your last name in the subject line). Files must be saved in .doc format, and must include your last name in the file name.

Alternatively, print submissions may be sent to:

ECHO: A Music-Centered Journal
Attn: Alexandra Apolloni
Department of Musicology
University of California, Los Angeles
2443 Schoenberg Music Building
Box 951623
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1623

ECHO: A Music-Centered Journal is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal created and edited by graduate students in the Department of Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Since our first issue in the fall of 1999, we have published regularly and welcome submissions and project proposals throughout the year. ECHO is an entirely web-based journal, and can be accessed free of charge by any online visitor. All issues can be found at http://www.echo.ucla.edu.





paradeigma: lyubov prezhde vsego (2010)

also here and here.


themeless 3

01. Infekkted - Molotov Cocktail
02. Nano.strike - Solitude In Frost
03. Porion - Evil Dread
04. Etruscan - Unimplemented Forgotten Objectives
05. Autonon - Quick Pain Release
06. Digital Kaos - Epileptic
07. Sadistic - Eye Know Why You Hate Me
08. Apzolut - Left A Leg
09. Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra - Bermuda Fire
10. M.D.S. - Final Contact
11. The Savage Apes Of Mars - The Future Is In Our Paws
12. SanMarinoSnares - Sciocchina
13. Capslock - El Golfo
14. Non Human - So Fuck You All
15. [P-R-Z] - Mashed Abba Fucking Gabba
16. Project Serendipity - Crushing Lows
17. D.A. Tist - More Then This
18. Adreim999 - Brain Cleaner
19. WSicko - A New Journey
20. Roofless - Lycklig
21. Nebulist - Interpretation
22. Solypsis - Perpetually Out Of Sorts
23. Slutto vs. Jonbob - Je T'Aime Dans La Nuit Mais Vous D├ętestez Le Matin
24. Bubblegum Noise - Get Down (The Loli)
25. Burglecut - Touch My Kick
26. Wan Bushi - This Is The Way Out
27. Kojan - Dicksuckers Will Feel The Beat
28. Alex Tune - Pumping Party
29. Babylon Disco - I Fucking Hate Myself
30. Rott In Pieces - Punks Don't Make It
31. Null Object - Make It Hot
32. Raaskalbomfukkerz - De Ballade Van De Tiende Maag (met Curse Ov Dialect)
33. Tauchyon - A Wee

this is getting to be something of a tradition.


this is how they roll those beats.
2011 = 2010 + 1.