this term has been both terrific and quite intense, but now the marking and everything else is finally done.
so i'm off: presenting here, and then here, should be good, and in the between time seeing a bit of the north island, looking for a good tattooist, putting things together for this and this, the usual sorts of things.
once i get back it's straight into preparing teaching materials for next term - i'm doing soc203 explaining society (it's basically the social theory course) and soc206 youth and popular culture, and both of them are being completely overhauled from the ground up, hopefully the kids will dig it.


dj rainbow ejaculation (probably nsfw, depending where you work i guess): cocksucker mix (2008)
57 min mix on crd of some kind of awesome gheycore shit from wollongong's own rank sinatra/rainbow ejaculation (myspace). it is difficult to describe the levels of amazing achieved in this mix.


alex tune: what is a mashup? (2009)
ukrainian breakcore plunderphonics. the guy is surely a genius. the ace of bass remix is a great companion piece to the 8-bit breakcore cover of the same tune he produced, for this rus zud comp. sociopath as ever.



the new issue of the transcultural music review is online, including articles on vocaloid and race and authenticity in reggaeton, among many other things.
the iaspm.de in-house publication samples also includes some interesting articles, like this one on punks and ageing.
there are also some nice papers in the current art of record production journal (requires log-in).


the new retrigger album, available from cock rock disco or from the man himself.


Black Metal Theory Symposium
Metal. Theory. Mutual Blackening.

December 12, 2009, 1:00-7:00 p.m
Public Assembly
70 North 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY
Cover charge: $10.00


Erik Butler, “The Counter-Reformation in Stone and Metal: Spiritual Substances.”

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
, "Transcendental Black Metal."

Nicola Masciandaro, “Anti-Cosmosis: Black Mahapralaya.”

Benjamin Noys, “‘Remain true to the earth!’: Remarks on the Politics of Black Metal” (in absentia).

Murray Resinski, "Red in a World of Black: A Discussion of Blood in Black Metal."

Joseph Russo, "Perpetual Rot: Obsessive Cycles of Deterioration."

Anthony Sciscione, "'Goatsteps behind my steps . . .': Black Metal and Ritual Renewal."

Niall Scott, “Black Confessions and Absu-lution.”

Steven Shakespeare, “The light that illuminates itself, the dark that soils itself: blackened notes from Schelling’s underground.”

Aspasia Stephanou, “Black Metal and Evil.”

Brandon Stosuy, "Meaningful Leaning Mess."

Evan Calder Williams, “The Headless Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Scott Wilson, “BAsileus philosoPHOrum METaloricum.”


Lionel Maunz, sculpture

Nader Sadek, Baptism in Black (Phase II)

this is looking exciting, hopefully the papers will be circulated after the event. i know that nicola masciandro wrote a pretty wild paper about vocalisation in death and black metal and i am still chewing it over. metal seems to be getting a lot of conference traction lately.