macro-dubplates (myspace) out of nz doing hilariously brilliant hip-hop-reggae mash-ups. volume 2 is also out, it's jay-z vs. the wailers.


or (the defunct?) aberrant sounds.

if you weren't getting enough out of sickness abounds.


au2pilot (seizure inducing myspace): silence. experimental breakcore maybe? copy is a great tune. out this year on amenorea.

va: illphabetik 042 - money yay. assembled by brokoli and extremely awesome and ferocious. featuring the likes of

Teerex, Surbahar, Rejekz, Abortifacient, Doc Colibri,Buttress O'Kneel, Gichev, Amphetamine Virus, Kink, Ed2-Nukua, Mr. Kitty,Cc Inc, Barbara's Straight Son, Johnny Clash, Pk Ill, Soulslept,Eler & Eneftze, Grr Sgnarl, Randomatik Blast, Ghost, Goroe, Calen, Brokoli,Les Sécrétions Romantiques, L'Homme Fatal, Zarevo, Y370.
also this year i think. au2pilot has a release on illphabetik too.
good to mark essays to.


jason crest: black mass (1969)
not sure how it got on my ipod, freaky uk psychedelia with backwards bits, wild effects, a choir, and bummer lyrics about satan. heavy in a kind of post-psych, pre-sabbath sort of way, i like that bum trip style psychedelia.

their stuff was rereleased as a comp, you can find it here or here.


russian breakcore mafia vol. 1

Exposing the dark, brutal and sometimes scary sound of the Russian underground, Russian Breakcore Mafia Volume 1 is the first release in a series which explores the effects a place can have on a scene and its sound.

1. K1osk - Voltronpiratestationforce
2. Sah - Dubby Jam
3. Inshizzo - Tequieroputa
4. Sto500 - The Court of Reason
5. Screen of Sorrow - Dead or Alive
6. Tim Ballista - Marevo
7. Airborne Drumz - Caterpillar
8. 21 Outside - Tokyo Doesn’t Love Us Anymore
9. Totally Fuckedup - Cosmonaut Returned Dead
10. Simon - 8bitmashit (feat. Mex)
11. Kangoo Electronics - Plum Rain (feat. Watashinokoko)
12. 5-40am - Alone In The Day
13. ID369 - No More Flowers For Pussies
14. Gromov - Poff Poff Poff
15. 777minus111 - Killing Bosses With Left Hand

it came out october 5 on ideation records.





ekzo: russian weapon (2009)

01. EkZo – Time 2 Die
02. EkZo + Jah Condah – True Champion
03. EkZo – Kimbo King
04. EkZo – MF (Jungle Blues)
05. EkZo + Steppa Style – Barbie Gal
06. EkZo – I’ll Funk You
07. Feyder – Laura
08. Smokah – Prayer
09. Jah Condah – Stage Time
10. Jah Condah – Cyaan Too Much
11. EkZo – Lawz Of War
12. Jungle Bullets – Moscow Walking
13. Feyder – Yagga Yagga
14. EkZo – Don And Dupes

feyder: russian weapon 2 (2009)

russian jungle mixes, sourced at raggajungle.biz.



i'm doing a guest lecture on breakbeats in bcm 301 history of media and communication this semester, and 3 students in that course decided they wanted to do their project on the amen, and that they wanted to interview me for it. i was chuffed, they'd really gotten into it, and they did a great job. the interview is now up on their project blog.


gabbenni amenassi: publishing prohibited (2009).

exactly mashy mash what i needed to hear this morning.