the inaugural issue of dancecult: the journal of electronic dance music culture, is now available. this has been a long time coming and props are due to all those involved, it's a great step forward for scholarship on electronic music.
eta: i got a review in it!


va rus zud #11: moscow breakcore massacre 2009

1. Frontcore – Suck It (2:00)
2. Radiactive Samurai – Oderjimiy (2:57)
3. Dj Belkin – She ( Вона ) (5:53)
4. MICROCOBRA – Childrens Luna Park (2:33)
5. AleX Tune – Dirty Bitches (4:35)
6. m1gUn0v – R ystal at r’n'b (3:35)
7. Grr – Abboth (4:51)
8. Noizzzbreed – Chaosterica (1:07)
9. Rivak – Maydayeveryday (1:57)
10. BullDoza – Little Ducks Dance ( Hardcore Version) (2:45)
11. Noise 412 Mhz – On the other side of the mirrors (3:10)
12. NesCreator – Overdose Lvl. 1-1.mp3 (2:43)
13. Kamikaze Deadboy – Faded Polaroids (3:15)
14. Kamikaze Deadboy – Christmas In The Silent Forest (Kamikaze Deadboy Remix) (7:17)
15. Gnomcorps – Last Track (3:15)
16. Gnomcorps – Apparat11 (Beavis observe Unknown Flying genital Objects during gay-parade on the Mayakovsky Square) (9:40)
17. Fr14m ft. Nin10do Bwoy – Flaming Cumshot! (3:24)
18. [P-R-Z] – Blow Rage (2:37)



click here or on the image to download the mix. hip-hop vs. dubstep: dubrap. bay area rappers over mostly u.k. dubstep. ricky switch is is an irish dj.

1. All the cash. The glitch mob.MASH
2. Sludge. Skool of thought, Ed solo.
3. 3K Lane. Jakes & Joker
4. Do it. Joker.
5. Scuba. Twitch. Jamie vex'd remix.
6. Girl from codeine city. L-wiz.
7. Snake eater. Joker.
8. Midnight. Bar 9
9. Age of dub. Ed solo.
10. Eastern jam. Chase and Status.
11. Wheres my money. TC, caspa.
12. Diesal not petrol. Sukh night.
13. Time is now . TRG.
14. Double trouble. Morphous.
15. Strong dub. Radikal guru.
16. Saxon. Chase&status.
17. Kinetic. Mimosa.
18. Squishy dub. Heyoka.
19. Kombulade. Heyoka.
20. IDiesel. Heyoka.
21. 26 basslines. Benga.
22. Music box. Benga .
23. Panpipes. Zero-g, Benny page.
24. Supligen. Gemmy.
25. Pinball. Akira Kiteshi.



robert inhuman from 2007 on dramacore.


Brutal Zone Blog


brigitte fontaine and art ensemble of chicago: comme à la radio (1970)

chico magnetic band: self-titled. 1971


popcanz2010 cfp

The First Annual Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCanz) will be held June 30, July 1, 2 at Women's College in Sydney.

This interdisciplinary and transnational conference is accepting proposals on ALL aspects of popular culture including but not limited to:

Graphic Novels, Comics and Visual Cultures (Dr Paul Mountfort, AUT)
Popular Design (Dr Derham Groves, University of Melbourne)
Popular Romance Studies (Dr Glen Thomas, QUT)
Popular Fiction (Dr Toni Johnson-Woods, UQ)
Film and TV (Dr Rebecca Beirne, University of Newcastle)
Fashion (Dr Vicky Karminas, UTS)
Food Studies (Toni Risson, University of Queensland)
Popular Science (Dr William Lott, QUT)
Linguistics (Alan Libert, University of Newcastle)
Queer Studies (Dr Samar Habib, University of Western Sydney)
Journalism and Popular Culture (Dr John Cokely, UQ)
Philosophy and Popular Culture
International Popular Culture
IT, Gaming, New Media, Internet and Popular Culture
Social/Popular History
Popular Performance/Entertainment
Transport/Scooter/Biker Culture
Popular Music
Indigenous Cultures and Literature
Green Issues and Popular Culture
Writing (Creative/Non Fiction)
Libraries, Archives, Museums and Popular Research
Sports and Popular Culture

Creative work is also accepted. Proposals for panels are welcome. We will also be holding a postgraduate poster evening. All postgrads and undergrads (provided they are working with the guidance of a trained scholar) interested in presenting their would-be or current research are invited to submit an abstract. Please mark your submissions: Poster Session.

Abstracts (300 words max.) should be sent as e-mail attachments to the area chairs, if none is designated please forward to Dr Toni Johnson-Woods, t.johnsonwoods at uq.edu.au.
The deadline for submissions is 30th November, 2009.
Please include your name, affiliation, mailing and e-mail address, and the title of your presentation.
E-mails should be entitled: PopCanz Conference.
If you do not receive an acknowledgment within one week, please resend your submission. Accepted presenters will be notified via e-mail by January 2010.
Additional information is available on the PopCanz blogsite.



some old made in made mixes kicking strictly dope styles from inside the kickdrum.


dqn electronics vol. 9

dqn electronics vol. 11

eminently torrentable.