DUSTED returns on Saturday September 5th with one of the biggest names in hardcore breakbeat and jungle, UK legend - BIZZY B. Amazingly Bizzy B has never played in Australia and after years and years of playing all the legendary raves in the UK he finally makes his way down under. With countless releases on all the major UK labels in the 90’s, Bizzy B was once again in the spotlight at the turn of the millennium with his 4 releases of all new material on arguably the biggest label of the last 10 years, Planet Mu. Also due for release is his much awaited ‘Retrospective’ compilation due on Planet Mu in the coming weeks. Joining Bizzy B are some of Sydney’s biggest oldskool names of the 90’s. Mark N, Biz E, The Cleaner, Alf, Ritual, Vaughan, Lex Luthor (aka Luke Snarl) and Victim return with Jungle Punks - DJ Manson, Swarm’s – Vic and the infamous Geoff Da Chef making their way to Dusted line-up. Hermann’s is the spot again but this time we have 2 indoor arena’s with HIJACK sound taking care of the second room and the heavy Hermann’s rig taking care of the bass in the main room. This show will be off the hook, guaranteed!


DUSTED featuring BIZZY B (Brain Records, Suburban Base, Whitehouse)

BIZZY B ‘UK’ (Brain Records, Suburban Base, Whitehouse)
MARK N (Bloody Fist Records, Nasenbluten)
THE CLEANER (Jungle Massive Australia)
BIZ E (Cliq Records)
VIC (Swarm)
MANSON (Jungle Punks)
GEOFF DA CHEF (Hardcore Fiend)
RITUAL & ALF (Rollers Music)
LEX LUTHOR (Sub Bass Snarl, Frigid)

Saturday September 5th, 2009 / Hermanns Bar – City Road & Butlin Avenue / Darlington
2 ROOMS / 9PM – 3AM
$20 presale via gjump.com.au / inthemix.com.au / residentadvisor.net / $25 on door

i am so there.




Abstract: IRL (In Real Life): Breaking Down The Binary Between Online And Offline Social Interaction examines the framework of "real versus virtual" that is often applied to studies of online social activity. This framework is often employed as a default in new media research, influencing a number of areas including the ongoing debate among scholars about whether or not the word "community" can be justly applied to a virtual group. The difficulty lies in the fact that few researchers have examined the framework in a critical context, in particular in the context of our larger narrative of the history of mass media technologies. This research begins with a detailed discussion of the real/virtual binary as a theoretical construct, in order to see if the idea of a sharp separation between online and offline activity is supportable. Having broken down the binary construct, this work turns to a case study of an online community known as "the Bronze," which existed from 1997 to 2001. By utilizing interviews and archival information, the case study examines the ways in which Internet users combine online and offline social activity seamlessly, the ways Internet forums can become integrated into daily activity rather than exist as exotic oases away from normal routines, and concludes with examples of the community organizing to deal with unwanted behavior, and also with a discussion of what the risk of deception in an online space means for the legitimacy of online social interaction.

the bronze was an online fan community oriented around buffy. the phd dissertation was written by stephanie tuszynski of bethany college. pdf here, link here.


note the link through here. bottom of page. i don't know how it got there but it's now free to roam.


the great

phuq: conspiracykore

on bad sekta. the previous release - or at least the one i know - was called aaargh!, it was also tremendous and it came out in 2007.


eustachian: amarok (2009)

out on digital vomit. we're led to believe that

Nightmarish psychobilly, electronic grindcore and psychedelic metal copulate violently on this album. Veterans of Death$ucker, Cock Rock Disco, Ad Noiseum, etc, EUSTACHIAN find their way onto Digital Vomit for a release of tinnitus-inducing, soul-destroying, cranium-obliterating odds and ends that will murder your family and cripple innocent bystanders.


1. Gräfenberg Straß
2. Terminal 11 - Birds (Eustachian Remix)
3. Horse Rape 3000
4. DJ Technorch - Schranz X (Eustachian Remix)
5. The Worst Nightmare
6. My Name is Roar Roar
7. Exillon - Gtty + Stomper (Eustachian Remix)
8. Shop Lifter


i interviewed chris christodoulou about his phd lately for the icr blog.
i was well pleased with the results: it's cracking stuff, and he gives a bang-on, accessible account of dnb culture and the kinds of theoretical resources with which it can be understood. he also situates it very eloquently in relation to the changing social and economic landscape of inner-city London. you can read the interview here.


info here and here, and the whole shebang here.


the collaboration between dr. carla de tona and myself for the journal translocations is finally out. the abstract reads:

There is a common conception that new information and communication technologies have the potential to achieve greater social equity; to empower migrants, particularly in the construction of diasporic spaces and agency. However, this achievement is not uniform: media are enmeshed in pre-existent power structures. Gender, class, and ‘race’ mark the lines of the technological divide.

To explore these issues, we look at the case of migrant women in Ireland who are active in migrant organisations. Despite uneven access to mediated information flows, adaptive innovation in communication technology use is evident in these organisations. Mediatised communication and information are integral to their day-today management, in such a way as to both consolidate and expand existing ‘offline’ networks. While problematising notions of migrant belongings and affiliations, our research entails a critical rethinking of several commonplace preconceptions in popular discourse: the ‘migrant’, the ‘individual’ technology user, and the idea of technology access as a ‘pure good’.
you could find more of carla's work here, among other places. it was a great pleasure and an honour to work with her on it. comments welcome as ever.






Heavy Metal and Gender

Internationaler Kongress

8.-10. Oktober 2009, Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln,
Konzertsaal Donnerstag, 8. Oktober

09:30 Eröffnung
10:00 Keynote I: Deena Weinstein, Chicago: Power and Gender in Metal
11:30 Kaffeepause
12:00 Session 1: Metal and Masculinities
Simon Poole, Buckinghamshire: Lie Back & Enjoy It: Early Heavy Metal & Gender Relations
Dietmar Elflein, Berlin/Braunschweig: "What Is This That Stands Before Me?" - Ozzy Osbourne as a Male Role Model
13:00 Mittagspause
14:30 Extreme, Aggressive, Female - Vocal Workshop with Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)
16:00 Kaffeepause
16:30 Session 1 (continuation)
Sarah Gerk, Michigan: Gendering Place: Alice Cooper's Motor City Move
Niall Scott, Lancashire: Metal and the Male Monster
Thorsten Hindrichs, Mainz: "Can I Play with Maleness?"- Challenging Masculinity in 1980s and 90s Heavy Metal
19:30 Women in Metal. Podiumsdiskussion in deutscher Sprache mit Doro Pesch (Doro), Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), Sabina Classen (Holy Moses), Britta Görtz (Cripper), Moderation: Florian Heesch, Susan Fast,
Musik: ensemble cras: Kammer-Metall
Freitag, 9. Oktober
10:00 Keynote II: Robert Walser, Los Angeles, USA: Meeting Your Beat: Motion and Balance in the Drum Fill
11:30 Kaffeepause
12:00 Session 2: Gendered Instruments: Guitar and Voice
Michael Custodis, Berlin: The Guitar Virtuoso - An Anachronism?
Jakub Kasperski, Poznan, Polen: The Extension of the Means of Vocal Expression in Nu Metal Music as a Symptom of Transition from Macho towards Metrosexuality
13:00 Mittagspause
14:30 Session 3: Masculinity and Racism
Alan Tormey, Grinell, USA: The Comforts of Smoke and Lightning: Heavy Metal as Racial Cocoon
Colin K. Gilmore, Nashville: Might is Right: Masculinity and the Music of the White Supremacist Movement
15:30 Kaffeepause
Heavy Metal and Gender 2
16:00 Session 4: Local and Global Perspectives
Muria Endah Sokowati, Yogyakarta, Indonesien: Women and Moral Degradation in Jamrud's Songs
Hugo Ribeiro, Sergipe, Brasilien: Heavy, Doom and Death Metal in Brazil
Magnus Nilsson, Malmö: Gender in Global and Local Metal: What Can We Learn from the Scene in Gaborone?
17:30 Pause
18:00 Session 5: Challenges and Changes
Luc Bellemare, Québec: Relocating Violence in Thrash Metal Lyrics: Tori Amos and Slayer's "Raining Blood"
Maria Grajdian, Sibiu, Rumänien: Gender is an Attitude: Heavy Metal in Anime Soundtracks
19:00 Pause
19:30 Marcus Erbe, Köln: "Won't you be my bride?" Narratives of Gender Relations in Today's Extreme Metal
Mikael Sarelin, Åbo, Finnland: The Performance within the Performance. Applying Judith Butlers' Theory of Gender Performativity on the Black Metal Scene
Samstag, 10. Oktober
10:00 Keynote III: Susan Fast, Ontario: Reimagining the Gendered History of Metal
11:30 Kaffeepause
12:00 Session 6: Fans and Scenes
Sarah Chaker, Oldenburg: Black and Death Metal Warriors: Rules, Rituals and Moral Standards in a Male Culture
Rosemary Overell, Melbourne: 'Brutal!' Affective Belonging in Melbourne's Grindcore Scene
13:00 Mittagspause
14:30 Pierre Hecker, Leipzig: Public Perceptions of Masculinity and Femininity in Turkish Metal
Andy R. Brown, Bath, UK: "Girls like metal, too!": Female Reader's Engagement with the Masculinist Ethos of the Tabloid Metal Magazine
Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone, Missouri: Leather Sisterhood: Metal, Masculinity, and Lesbian Fandom
16:00 Kaffeepause
16:30 Session 7: Perspectives and Possibilities
Keith Kahn-Harris, London: 'Coming Out': Realising the Possibilities of Metal
Brian Hickam, Toledo und Jeremy Wallach, Bowling Green: Female [Author]ity and Dominion: Discourse and Distinctions of Heavy Metal Scholarship
17:30 Abschluss
19:30 Live Music Hall: Konzert: Doro, Holy Moses, Cripper
Stand: 8. Juni 2009



hardcore city!


dude man, stoner noise:

Style: Various Styles And Genres That Portray The Overall Concept of Marijuana-Themed Music & Celebration Of April 20th Via Extreme To Experimental Musics, Hip-Hop, Gutter Music, Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Marijuana Culture, Outsider Music, Avant-garde, Trash Noise, Drug Music

01 A.A.Kibanov - Fuck This Marijuana
02 Dilithium Tourdes - Bong Up, Broheim!
03 MixeDuPm3$$ - Broke And Ready To Smoke
04 Dental Work - Picking Blueberry
05 RedSK - Mary (She's There For Me) Feat. Scott With The Jew Gold
06 OGOGO - Electric Weeder
07 Glory - Making Cannabutter (Licky Licky Spoon Spoon)
08 BHG00 - Yonder Nugs On High
09 RedSK - Bottom Of The Bag Blues
10 HEROIN... - Grinder-Core
11 Abraxas Apparatus - B.S.A. (Super Stoned Tape Manipulations)
12 RedSK - Flying Higher Than You
13 Noise Nazi - Without Weed I Would Kill You
14 Disthroned Agony - Greetings, From The Haus Arafna School Of Stoner Noise For Wimps
15 RedSK - Weed
16 RedSK - They Were Hollow Grams (2008 Version)
17 N> - Marijuana
18 Necroanal - Dude, Get Your Cock Outta My Bong
19 Dental Work - Marijuana Table
20 Insideout028 - I Smoke Weed Everyday, And I Still Get Good Grades In School..So Eat My Dick
21 RedSK - Another 4-20 Juanalude (Feat. Scott With The Jew Gold)
22 RedSK - And Come The Superblunt (feat. teh soup rebellion)
23 MC Neill - Resin Makes The World Go Round (Feat. RedSK)
24 teh soup rebellion - Pining For Tree
25 MixeDuPm3$$ - Hits From The Gong
26 RedSK vs. Elephant Man - So High Snuff Out
27 RedSK - Our Eyes Are Red From A Lifetime Of Hardship
28 Dilithium Tourdes - The Blunt Side of Life (Randy at My Side)
29 Sharks In Robot Masks - We Like Drugs
30 Dental Work - Marijuana Urine Fountain For Cops
31 Viking Quest - Smoking With Michael Phelps
32 MixeDuPm3$$ - Weed Makes Her Horny

Happy April 20th everyone! We have many things to celebrate today, one of them being Hitler's b-day, and the other (and most important) is the actual date 4/20 which as a number has become a huge symbol in marijuana culture. We like to take a break at 4:20 everyday to smoke some trees, and this compilation is good to keep you company as you do so. I'm sure today will be a stark difference compared to how you spent it yesterday. Thanks, enjoy the music, and keep downloading TRASHFUCK releases :D