sick to the back teeth: noise dubs vol. 1 (2007)

80 minute noise-meets-dubstep mix, featuring the likes of boris, c.c.c.c, caspa, dead violets, digital mystikz, aaron dilloway, distance, emalkay, the gerogerigegege, incapacitants, kudos, loefah, luke envoy, maldoror, masonna, merzbow, n-type, obeah, search and destroy, sick to the back teeth, skream, solmania, toasty, vex'd, john wall, wolf eyes, yellow swans.

noise dubs vol. 2 (2008)

the sequel. tracklist for this one indicates all noise produced by sick to the back teeth. the myspace.

0day music: strictly drum and bass.
'0day', usually refers to warez (software, videos, music etc.) released on the same day as that of the official public release, as shown here for instance.



eircom again looking pretty ungood here.


fag cop: i'm fuckin dead (2008)

awesome trash punk rock'n'roll from kansas, title tune is a winner. interview with fag cop here.
i'm fuckin dead also linked here and here. there is some other stuff of theirs also. i mistakenly thought they were a noise project - they're not, but they're maybe in the neighbourhood depending on where you're coming from yourself. fag cop want to kick your ears' ass.



This Saturday, February 28th, Section 92A of the Copyright Act is due to come into force.

This website has voluntarily been taken down in protest against this law, which will be used to disconnect New Zealanders from the internet based on accusations of copyright infringement, without a trial and without evidence held up to court scrutiny.

May we be very clear: we do not support or condone copyright infringement or illegal downloads.

But this blatant disregard towards the basic human right to a fair trial is completely unjust and unworkable and it has the potential to punish New Zealand businesses and individuals where in fact no laws have been broken.

Similar laws have been rejected in the EU as being against "a fair balance between various fundamental rights", rejected in the UK due to "impracticalities", and rejected in Germany as being 'Unfit for Germany, Unfit For Europe'.

We don't care who voted for the law in the first place. We just want it stopped. We call on the Minister responsible, National's Simon Power, to do the right thing and repeal Section 92A immediately.

Visit CreativeFreedom.org.nz to learn more

zomby: where were u in '92 (2008).
as mentioned on the magisterial k-punk. hauntology and all that malarkey or something.
this is a question m.i.a. also asked us recently, concerning our whereabouts in 92. i know where i was.
this is actually an interesting album, as well as being a good one.
i was, incidentally, struck by the similarities with this release also:

but i reckon zomby ftw just at the minute in that battle.

of course, if we took this sort of thing seriously we might be better off just going and listening to the ragga twins again like we're obviously supposed to, or perhaps listening 'forward' to lisbent's aforementioned 2nd portrait (not quite forward, but somehow parallel).


monster movie music!


i am liking this.

regula hohl trillini's book on domestic music-making and gender in english literature, the gaze of the listener, is now available: take a look.

the history of the internet in israel: a study in the sociology of technology.

nicholas john, the author, says:

I do not try to identify the variables that predict the speed of the Internet's diffusion in a new country, but rather, using the methodological and theoretical tools of Science and Technology Studies, I ask how the Internet got to Israel in the first place. How was the knowledge transferred? By whom? What micro processes were involved? What political, economic and cultural and regime was prevalent in Israel at the time the technology arrived there? And how did changes in that regime from the mid-80s to mid-90s impact on the way the Internet was institutionalized in a new country? And what does all this teach us about how globalization happens? It's a study about the social meanings of infrastructure and while it doesn't seem to belong in any obvious category of "Internet studies", it most definitely is a study of the Internet.

I also ask what bringing the Internet to a new country meant to Israel's Internet pioneers, and compare this with the techno-utopianism that characterized press coverage of the Internet in its early years.

And for those of you who sometimes use computers to write in non-Latin languages, there is a chapter on how the evolution of the way we present Hebrew letters on the Internet is not just a story about the technical superiority of Unicode, but actually involves the "browser wars" between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, the shift from mainframe to personal computers, and the emergence of a relevant social group (computer programmers) that was able to devote resources to dealing with a problem that was becoming increasingly troublesome to it (namely, the customization of software). While the case study involves Hebrew, the findings apply to other non-Latin languages, and have implications for our understanding of the Internet as either a cause for cultural homogenization or a preserver of local languages. My own view is that a global solution (Unicode) might offer a lifeline for the representation of local cultures online.

dl the pdf.


DeXusChange 2009: Shaping Discourse to Come

An Alternative, International Summer School on Discourse and Social Justice

Invited guests:

Anabela Carvalho, University of Minho, Portugal
Lawrence Frey, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
Shi-xu, Zhejiang University, China
Thomas Tufte, Roskilde University, Denmark

17th - 22nd August, 2009

Centre for Discourse Studies
Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

Web site:

The recent emergence of a set of interlocking global crises -- including climate, energy, food, water, finance -- demands a renewed interdisciplinary effort to understand how to mediate the future, the past and the present in ways that attend to equity, justice and rights. The aim of this summer school is to bring together people investigating and promoting social change and transformation with an explicit focus on the role of discourse in shaping a just future (and the past). Discourse is understood as encompassing an interdisciplinary perspective on text, talk, discourse, genre, narrative, archive, document, image and rhetoric in all their modal, social and cultural forms, not only in terms of representation but also action and practice.

Themes within the interdisciplinary focus of the summer school will include the following clusters:

* Discourse/Style/Genre/Semiotics/Rhetorics
* Mediation/Modality/Action/Practice
* History/Narrative/Memory/Experience
* Change/Intervention/Critique/Social Justice
* Rights/Ethics/Care/Hope
* Suffering/Risk
* Identity/Gender/'Race'/Ethnicity/Kinship
* Belonging/Citizenship/Linking/Relationality
* Nature/Environment/Habitus/Context
* Interaction/Technology/Artefact
* Structure/Ordering/Organisation/Governance
* Space/Movement/Mobility/Flow/Scale

DeXusChange will interest students and scholars who work in the diverse fields of discourse studies, communication studies, development studies, globalisation studies, media studies, political science, sociology, history, anthropology, international studies, social movement studies, communication activism, participatory communication, critical journalism studies, action research, and human-centred communication and informatics.

DeXusChange 2009 draws upon the innovative pedagogical tradition at Aalborg University to experiment with a problem-based, project-centred research summer school for doctoral students and scholars who are engaged in interdisciplinary studies. Following on from the successful "DeXus: Discourse Nexus" summer school series 2003-2006, the core concept in DeXusChange is the free play of ideas within the thematic context of group-derived problems and reflexive project work developed during the six fruitful days of the summer school.

Following the first two days of lectures and workshops by the invited guests, which will establish a common ground work, we concentrate over the following days on group project work. On the last day, all groups will come together to report on their findings, solutions and applications, with commentary and discussion from the guests and wayfinders. A poster session will take place during the first day for those who wish to present their research publicly. More details on the DeXusChange web site:

The summer school is international and open to researchers, doctoral and graduate students. Please apply online at

For more academic information, contact the organisers:
DeXusChange Collective - dxc2009 (at) hum (dot) aau (dot) dk

The deadline for applying is 29th May 2009. The participation fee payment deadline is 15th June 2009.

The participation fee is 3500 Danish kroner (approx. 450 Euros), which covers administrative costs, tea/coffee and lunches every working day, one evening drinks reception (Monday) and one evening dinner (Thursday). More information on the web site. If you are enrolled as a doctoral student at a Danish University, then please see the web site for specific instructions. One free scholarship will be given to a qualified student from the Global South. Please see the website for more information about how to apply.

Warm regards, DeXusChange Collective
Ben Dorfman
Oscar Garcia
Inger Lassen
Paul McIlvenny
Pirkko Raudaskoski

The DeXusChange summer school is supported by the Centre for Discourse Studies, the Doctoral Programme in Discourse and Contemporary Culture, the Human-Centred Communication and Informatics Doctoral Programme, and the Department of Language and Culture at Aalborg University.


cool map of pirate bay tracker stats - read about it on torrentfreak.


xrin arms is what it's all about (myspace). and there are three albums of it here. hectic.


muzak files for bankruptcy.
the end of an era.

“Pity those cultural studies scholars who imagine we are up to date with the cutting edges of culture and are at the same time the avant-garde of theory – not noticing that radical posturing within the institutions of higher education infects, with a parasitic and colonising glee, the role of all apologists and ideologues in the teaching factories. Culturally hip academics are the ones to watch out for, the agents of incorporation, domestication and pacification in the service of new elitism” (Hutnyk 2000: 9).


“What this restricted and edited marketing of ‘oppositional’ cultures does is to bring contradictory impulses into the happy relationship of a capitalism that can sell – and usually neutralise – everything under the sign of value. Everything can be equated to everything else (the beat of authenticity stimulates the rhythm of charity). The efforts of intellectuals to facilitate the entry of marginal discourses, like black musics, into the commercial and public sphere are fraught with exactly this contradiction – one that is shared with both the impulse to charity and the sponsorship of the state … Despite all good intentions, the consequences are often inevitably incorporation and co-option because there has been no disruption of the overarching system” (ibid.: 26).


“The difficult fact is that those who are well connected and globally mobile can plunder the cultural resources of the world without restrictions … Shorn of political roots, toned down and sweetly packaged as exotic magical mystery tourist fare, these transnational flavours do not burn the tender tongues of middle-class liberalism” (ibid.: 116).

Hutnyk, John. 2000. Critique of Exotica: Music, Politics and the Culture Industry. London: Pluto Press.


is this the ultimate merzblog?


tricky words

more logophilia:

à rebours – going the wrong way, against the grain
abreaction – the release of unconscious tension through talking about or reliving the events which caused it
acousmêtre – the out-of-sight source of a sound or voice, especially in cinema (e.g. the voice of norman bates’ mother)
adipose – fatty, relating to fat
advertorial – a print ad set up to resemble editorial content in style and layout, print equivalent of infomercial
aesopian – (of speech or thought) elliptical, oblique, allegorical, subtextual, containing hidden messages, often in evasion of censorship
afflatus – creative inspiration, esp. that attributed to a divine source
ambient awareness – constant peripheral consciousness of others, as in incessant, but ‘weak’, online contact (‘ambient intimacy’)
anacrusis – one word prompting another
anchoritic – characterised by ascetic solitude
ankh – (also ansate cross) a cross with a loop as the top and a short crossbar, a symbol for life in ancient egypt
anupallavi – the 2nd verse, after the pallavi, in the carnatic music tradition
apraxia – inability to perform complex movements
argal – therefore (usually used to indicate that the reasoning is ludicrous or specious)
ataraxia – freedom from worry, peace of mind, the state of desiring nothing
aufgehoben – (gr.) voided, revoked, waived, repealed, abrogated etc.
aufklarung – the philosophical outlook of the 18th century, the age of enlightenment
augury – a sign, omen, or prediction, esp. that based on the observance of the appearance or behaviour of animals or birds
aus der luft gegriffen – ‘from the air seized’, airy-fairy, insubstantial, illusory
bbv – blood borne virus
bork – to misconfigure, esp. a computer or other complex device
cadastral – of or pertaining to a map indicating property limits, boundaries etc.
calico – coarse cotton cloth with a bright, motley pattern; such a pattern
carnatic – the south indian form of classical music, originating in the region of karnataka
carnographic – pertaining to writing concerning meat
casuistry – answering moral or ethical questions by the application of general rules; specious, bogus, or misleading argumentation
cento – a work wholly composed from passages or lines taken from other authors, re-assembled in a new order
charanam – the final verse, the 3rd section (after the anupallavi) in the carnatic music tradition
charybdis – a whirlpool-producing sea-monster in the shape of a monstrous mouth; a deadly whirlpool
chinoiserie – décor, furnishings etc. based on or inspired by ideas of chinese or oriental design, popular in france and england in the 17th and 18th centuries
chthonic – of the earth, relating to the gods and spirits of the underworld
clef de voûte – a keystone
cochonnerie – dirtiness; a dirty, spoiled, or valueless object
comorbid – a coexisting but usually independent medical condition
concupiscence – strong feelings of physical desire
cosmogony – the study of the origin of the universe or a theory explaining said origin
coulrophobia – fear of clowns
couvade – a practice in some cultures where the husband of a woman in labour takes to his bed as though also giving birth
craven – so cowardly or lacking in courage as to be worthy of contempt
crwth – an archaic stringed instrument, common to welsh music but at one time widely played in europe
cryptomnesia – concealed recollection: the reappearance of a long-forgotten memory as though it were a new experience; also, the idea that we remember everything that ever happened to us, and though the memories may be buried in our subconscious, they are still retrievable through hypnosis
cryptoportici – underground passageways, plural of cryptoporticus
decameron – (‘10 days’) a medieval allegorical work containing 100 novellas
diazeuxis – a dividing tone lying between two tetrachords and belonging to neither
doxy – set of beliefs, esp. religious ones
dyspraxia – poor motor coordination, sometimes occurring alongside dyslexia
dysthymia – mild chronic depression
eidetic – recalled or reproduced with exceptional accuracy and vividness, the ability to perform such recall
entheogen – psychoactive substance used to induce mystical or spiritual experience in a religious or shamanic context
enucleate – to remove the nucleus; to remove something from inside a capsule whilst keeping that capsule intact
epenthesis – interpositioning of a phoneme, e.g. ‘nuc-u-ler’ for nuclear
eremitic – of or relating to eremites – hermits, and their austere living conditions
eristic – characterised by argument or controversy
eschaton – the last days, end of time, return of christ etc.
escutcheon – a shield, esp. one which displays a coat-of-arms
espalier – a tree trained to grow flat against a wall; to train a tree in such a way
etiolate – to make weak, pale or unhealthy
eudaemonic – producing happiness and well-being (a eudaemon is a good or benevolent spirit)
euhemerist – a mode of interpretation holding that myths are reflections of actual historical events, given supernatural characteristics
exurb - residential area outside the city and beyond the suburbs, populated by wealthy people
exuviae – a skin or shell sloughed by an animal
eyrie – the nest of a bird in a high and inaccessible place; a building or stronghold similarly located
factitious – contrived, insincere; artifical or invented
fatidic – seeming to foretell the future
feculent – foul with waste matter
fecund – productive, fertile, creative
feuilleton – a section of a european newspaper containing reviews, serial fiction, and articles of general interest
fiduciary – a person or entity legally authorised to hold assets in trust for a beneficiary
fissiparous – describing organisms that reproduce by dividing into two equal parts, each of which then grows into a complete organism
fleur-de-lis – stylised design of a lily; in heraldry, usually associated with the french monarchy
fmri – functional magnetic resonance imaging
freikorps – (gr.) ‘free corps’, the post wwwi paramilitary organisations established in weimar germany
fulcrum – the pivot point or support around which a lever turns
ganglia – structures containing dense clusters of nerve cells; harmless swellings, like cysts
gavage – force-feeding through a tube going from the mouth or nose to the stomach; force-feeding a goose for foie gras; force-feeding cattle for veal
genotext – the musical aspects of voice – related to the kristevan semiotic
glissando – rapid slide through pitches of a scale, sliding between notes
golconda – a source of great wealth
grylli – monsters engraved in ancient stones (esp. in the form of walking heads)
gubu – grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented
gyan – knowledge (hindi)
harlequinade – pantomime-like slapstick adaptation of commedia dell-arte; buffoonery or clowning
hic et nunc – here and now
hieratic – relating to priests; fixed, formal and stylised in a traditional way
hierophant – a priest or priestly person; one who reveals or interprets mysteries or secrets
hypnerotomachia – ‘strife of love in a dream’, after the hypnerotomachia poliphili of manutius, 1499
imprimis – in the first place
in statu nascendi – in the process of being born
insouciant – cheerfully unconcerned
intichiuma – ceremonies directed towards the totem
intonarumori – noise machines
jeremiad – a long recitation of mournful complaints
jingdezhen – the porcelain capital, a city famed for its production of china
kaffeeklatsch – an informal gathering to drink coffee and chat
kenosis – christ’s act of partially giving up divine status so as to become a man; the emptying out of the self
kirk – (scots) a church
künstlerroman – the history of an artist, particularly how s/he came to write the present work
kunstwollen – (in aesthetics) the ‘will to form’
kwaito – south african rap, also referred to as ‘d’gong
laïcal – of or pertaining to the laity; secular
limn – to draw or paint, esp. in outline; to describe in words
loggiae – galleries open on one or more sides (ital., lodge)
ltrftw – long time reader, first time writer
macaronic – verse combining everyday language with latin or adding latin endings to everyday terms, usually for comic effect; involving a combination of two or more languages
manqué – having wanted to do or be something and been unsuccessful at it
manse – a house provided for by the church for a religious minister; a large and stately house
maugre – in spite of
melisma – a decorative melodic phrase or passage
meretricious – relating to prostitutes; being tastelessly, tacky or showy; deceptively pleasing or making a false show of being attractive
motivic – of or pertaining to a musical motif or motifs
muezzin – the mosque official who performs the call to prayer
mythologem – a basic theme of a myth
nabob – a very rich or powerful person
naiad – an aquatic, gill-breathing nymph; the nymph stage of aquatic insects
nolle prosequi – ‘do not pursue’, usually as a legal instruction to discontinue criminal charges
nomen gentilicium – ‘the name of the gens’; the name of the clan
normenon – a class of manmade products used primarily to communicate
nota bene – the full form of n.b., used to draw someone’s attention to some particularly important point or addition
nugatory – having little value, trifling; ineffective
oblomovism – sloth or intertia – oblomov is a ‘superfluous man’
ostinati –persistently repeated rhythmic patterns, motifs, or musical phrases
otm – on the money
pallavi – the equivalent of a refrain, the thematic line of a song
panentheism – holding that god is the eternal animating force of the universe (the universe is a part of god). as opposed to pantheism, which holds that god is synonymous with the material universe
parasocial – describing emotional relationships with people (like celebrities or fictional characters) who are effectively unaware of our existence
parlous – unsafe or uncertain; mischievous or cunning
petitio principii – fallacious reasoning in logic, where what is to be proved is already assumed to hold
phenotext – those elements of expression concerned with the unity of the subject through language – related to the kristevan symbolic
phlegmatic – lacking emotional display; not easily excited or concerned
piacular – (from piaculum) referring to acts done to atone for sinful or sacrilegious behaviour; requiring such acts of atonement and penitence
pleach – to interweave branches or vines so as to make a decorative shape, hedge etc.
pleonexia – excessive covetousness
poesis – meaning making
pollard – a tree with limbs cut back to encourage growth of foliage; to cut off the top of a tree in such a way
polonaise – a slow, stately dance; a piece of music for this dance, in 3/4 time
predation – the relationship between two species where one hunts, kills and eats the other; plundering or stealing
pro fanum - profane (‘before’ or ‘outside’ the temple)
profligacy – extreme extravagance or wastefulness; extremely low moral standards
prolepsis – a preface intended to anticipate and answer an objection to an argument
prolix – tediously wordy
prosaism – a dull or unimaginative expression or style of writing
prosectorium – ‘anatomical theatre’ or dissecting room
pulchritude – physical beauty
pyknon – condensation, density; in biology, a nonrandom sequence of repeated elements
qua – in the capacity or function of
quidnunc – a nosy or gossipy person
quotidian – ordinary or everyday
regnant – actually reigning; predominant or fashionable
ressentiment – a feeling of resentment, accompanied with the absence of means to act on or express that feeling
sala terrena – pavilion overlooking an open garden
sarcosis – abnormal formation of flesh
scrofula – tuberculosis of the lymph glands, esp. in the neck
sectary – member of a religious denomination or sect
seppuku – ritual suicide by disembowelment
seriatim – one after another; in a series
servitor – servant or attendant
sinthôme – lacanian term for the ‘symptom’ beyond analysis, the constitutive symptom that organises jouissance and ties together the real, the symbolic, and the imaginary
skaz – a mode of writing in russian literature using the oral speech patterns and vernacular of a narrator
slendro (also salendro) – a pentatonic scale, one of the two most common scales in indonesian gamelan music
speculum mundi – the ‘mirror of the world’
śruti – the smallest interval of the tuning system in indian classical music; roughly equivalent to a tonic
strategien gegen architekturen – strategies against architecture
sublunary – relating to or occupying the space between the moon and the earth; belonging to the material rather than the spiritual or intellectual world
summa – a summary or overview of knowledge in a given field; especially a medieval text on theology, philosophy etc.
syncrisis – confronting different discourses on the same topic
tamarind – a sour spice derived from the pulp of tamarus indica pods
tchotchke (or chachka) – (yiddish) a small decorative item or trinket; an attractive, unconventional woman; a bimbo
techne (or techné) – as distinct from episteme, craftsmanship or art, a method of knowing oriented towards making or doing, or achieving objectives, rather than towards disinterested abstract understanding
tessitura – the predominating pitch range in a particular piece of music
theosophy – (of religious philosophy) based on intuitive insight into the nature of god
tina doctrine – ‘there is no alternative’ (to the current order and state of affairs)
tldr – too long, didn’t read
tope – to drink alcohol habitually and in large amounts
trifecta – a bet in which the winners of first, second and third places are selected in correct place in order to win
tsotsi – south african gangster
tufa – a tuft of hair, feathers or similar material used as a flag or emblem
turgor – the state of being turgid; the status of the water inside a plant cell; the stiffness or fullness of a normally functioning capillary or blood vessel
uhuni – tanzanian gangster rap
unheimlich – unhomely, esp. in freud or in reference to freudianism
urbild – the original archetype
urgrund – the primeval ground of being
venial – easily forgiven or excused
verlan – (fr.) l’envers backwards: french urban slang, similar to pig latin, where syllable order is reversed
vide – used to refer a reader to elsewhere in the text; or to instruct a musician to skip ahead in the score
vulgate – everyday informal use of a language; a text generally accepted as being the most accurate version
wahuni – tanzanian criminals
zatoichi – a blind masseur and swordsman character in a longstanding japanese tv and movie series

rick-rolling was also new to me.

r.i.p. lux interior

the cramps' singer, lux interior, died last wednesday aged 62:

Lux Interior, lead singer of The Cramps, passed away this morning due to an existing heart condition at Glendale Memorial Hospital in Glendale, California at 4:30 AM PST today. Lux has been an inspiration and influence to millions of artists and fans around the world. He and wife Poison Ivy’s contributions with The Cramps have had an immeasurable impact on modern music.

The Cramps emerged from the original New York punk scene of CBGB and Max’s Kansas City, with a singular sound and iconography. Their distinct take on rockabilly and surf along with their midnight movie imagery reminded us all just how exciting, dangerous, vital and sexy rock and roll should be and has spawned entire subcultures. Lux was a fearless frontman who transformed every stage he stepped on into a place of passion, abandon, and true freedom. He is a rare icon who will be missed dearly.

The family requests that you respect their privacy during this difficult time.

r.i.p. lux interior.



arterial spray with umbrella.

the vagina dentata.

penis-weapon a la tetsuo. shoots bullets.

the limbless woman - with blades.

tokyo gore police is a pretty demented movie.


screen music and sound studies online.
can't wait to see the bibliography on horror; the sci-fi one is already pretty impressive and they're updating regularly.


bastard culture! user participation and the extension of cultural industries


The computer and particularly the Internet have been represented as enabling technologies, turning consumers into users and users into producers. The unfolding online cultural production by users has been framed enthusiastically as participatory culture. But while many studies of user activities and the use of the Internet tend to romanticize emerging media practices, my dissertation steps beyond the usual framework and analyzes user participation in the context of accompanying popular and scholarly discourse, as well as the material aspects of design, and their relation to the practices of design and appropriation.

I argue that participatory culture is rather a dynamic interaction of users and companies, discourses and technologies. The availability of computers and Internet expand the traditional culture industry into the domain of users, who actively participate in cultural production, either by appropriating products from the commercial domain or by creating their owns. But while user activities constitute a significant loss of control for certain sectors of traditional media industries, especially in the area of distribution, the larger culture industry benefits from user driven innovation through the appropriation of corporate design. Furthermore, the media industry undergoes a shift from creating content to providing platforms for user driven social interactions and user-generated content. In this extended culture industry participation unfolds not only in the co-creation of media content and software-based products, but also in the development and defense of distinctive media practices that represent a sociopolitical understanding of new technologies.

a dissertation written by mirko tobias schäfer at utrecht university. discusses p2p, rapidshare etc., and worth the read
download: http://mtschaefer.net/media/uploads/docs/Schaefer_Bastard-Culture.pdf


if you needed to find all the swarrrm you could in a hurry, given what an amazing band they are and all, you could do worse than look at cephalochromoscope.
if you went there, it would probably make sense to check out eater of sounds also. and crustmas.


oh noes