trailblazing eircom has just agreed a '3 strikes' policy with the big 4. read all about it:

big four music labels and eircom in landmark piracy settlement

isp capitulates to ifpi, agrees to disconnect pirates

interestingly, the torrentfreak article:

ifpi vs isp: piracy means less sex and drugs for rock stars

indicates that the big 4 were represented in court by the former justice minister, michael mcdowell. but hey, it's strictly business.
at our very own irish times:

internet users face shutdown over illegal music downloads

and perhaps most informative:

irish isp agrees to disconnect repeat p2p users

i like this phrase 'graduated response'.
as eff notes, an isp is not a court.


dj scotch egg, even better.


oxygenfad: dolemite

dj scotch egg at eamonn doran's, wednesday jan 28. more info here.


hot zombie action from lucio fulci's justly legendary zombi 2 (aka zombie flesh eaters), from 1979. it's just one of those movies.
featuring the incredible underwater zombie / shark fight, an iconic moment in zombie history:

(speaking of sea zombies: woah. anything to do with xela).

the movie also has a completely wicked soundtrack by fabio frizzi. i really don't know how i managed to have not seen it for as long as i did, what a dereliction of duty.


pictures from 7u? and maladroit's exhibition. if you didn't know, 7u? is also the deeply wonderful dj rainbow ejaculation, among others.


happy face: histoires sans paroles (2002)

happy face: tah !!! (2003)

happy face: le tigre (2005)

french brutal death / grind. heavy and complex with lots of tempo changes.


lol etc.

see also first life.

dert: talk strange (2009) - a beat tape inspired by bjork.

bjork, mashed up in dope styles, on another free release put out january 1st. here's what dert had to say about it.


carnivalesque grotesquerie

bush made of cut-up porn.

bakhtin had a whole spiel about how the lower bodily stratum, the grotesque, the erotic, the obscene, the scatological etc. has gotten squeezed out of political discourse over the course of history. people who are interested in the history of pornography sometimes take a similar line.

so long dubya, it's been emotional.


a coprophile obsessed virgin schoolgirl's underwear rubber: schoolgirl's suicide (2009). experimental grindcore from russia.
what a truly great name for a grind band.




Breakcore.NL Music and New Year's Day meet again! Another free online compilation has arrived! "Themeless" brings you 37 fucking great tracks from breakcore artists from all over the world!
released jan 1st by breakcore.nl. tracklist:
01 - Kodek - Teenage Mutant Breakcore Bastards Kickin Reetaards Into Stomachh And Feeling Prouud Of Itt
02 - Arena - Hectic
03 - Den Chaoot - The Fisherman's Wife (Keta Remix)
04 - Charly Linch - Pump Up The Sound
05 - Rott In Pieces - Down With The King
06 - Kamerat Tord - Moltebær
07 - Project Serendipity - Left Right Left Right (II)
08 - Microphyst - Disco Biscuits
09 - Main$tream - Shit Anymotha Fuckers Remix 2008
10 - Rubber Muffin - Blood Clat Dat
11 - Alex Tune - Listen To Your Hardcore
12 - Liar's Rosebush - Blowdarts And Burning Bridges
13 - Siphonaptera - Siphonaptera
14 - Crappymeal - B6
15 - Tha Fruitbat ft. Remy Gonzales - Noise Shaping
16 - Junglefever - Sensicore
17 - Mr Bad Monkey - Jungle-Sound-Clashin'-Core
18 - Nubbin - Just Forget What I Said
19 - The Untitled - My Miserable Days
20 - Producer Snafu - A Vigalante Of God
21 - Mothball Z - The Rise Of Emo
22 - Capslock - Life Is Beautiful
23 - Tha Fruitbat - Total Cunt Troll (Murdasloth Remix)
24 - Dysphemic - Army Of The Apocalypse
25 - Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra - Desperation Speaks
26 - Tex-nd vs. WSicko - Our Goal Is Crossing Lines (On Grass) Because Soccer Sucks Balls
27 - H.M.M.A.H.H.H. - Like Am'rous Birds Of Prey
28 - Slam52 - Frosd
29 - Nano.strike - Ecranoplane
30 - Onken - 8bitbombastic (Onkens Frustrated Mix)
31 - Poelvoorde - Hygiene Requise
32 - Weyheyhey!! - Allow
33 - The Incredible Hexadecibels - Devil Dogs Guarding The Altar
34 - Shanks Pony - All My Freinds R R Soles
35 - Solypsis vs. Hard Off - Beers, Steers and Queers For Fears
36 - Simon - August
37 - Mongreltek - Yours Tragically

rpaidshare dl one and two (due to general caining on the original link).


breakcore sucks! listen to postmoderncore instead.

united elements of hate: check some serious parties in the netherlands.


rap music originated in medieval scottish pubs, claims american professor.

nice when someone acknowledges one of the numerous historical precedents for the ritual insults and boasts of hip-hop, not so nice when they seem to put their feet in their mouths by confusing precedent with causality.

l.i.a.r. 2


30 June - 2 July 2009
Linguistic Impoliteness And Rudeness II (LIAR II):
The 2009 International Conference of The Linguistic Politeness Research Group

Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Opening plenary:
Geoffrey Leech (University of Lancaster)

Plenary speakers:
Sara Mills (Sheffield Hallam University)
Marina Terkourafi (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Karen Tracy (University of Colorado)

This three-day conference focuses is on language and communication that might be described as 'impolite', 'rude', 'aggressive', 'face-attacking', etc., building on the success of the first impoliteness conference (LIAR) at the University of Huddersfield. However, we also welcome any papers that are related to politeness theory, application or practice in any form.
Researchers and postgraduates working in fields such as linguistics, sociology, psychology, communication studies, business studies, organizational studies, conflict resolution studies, literature and philosophy are particularly welcomed, though the conference is open to all interested parties.

Please contact the organizers regarding any proposals for panels Papers and Posters abstracts deadline: 31 January 2009.

Organizers: Jonathan Culpeper (Lancaster University) and Derek Bousfield (University of Central Lancashire)
Email: impoliteness2009 at lancaster.ac.uk


martin cloonan and caspar melville talking about music and violence on radio 4 yesterday: listen.


luigi russolo and ugo piatti with their intonarumori (noise machines).
these devices have been replicated for a release on improvised music from japan.


according to imdb here, the plot for this movie the ruins can be summed up in the following way:

sounds like a typical saturday night out to me!

the only other movies i can think of with man-eating shrubbery are little shop of horrors, day of the triffids (is that technically only man-killing, as opposed to -eating?), and creepshow (and that's definitely technically only a segment in a movie). i have a possible explanation for why there are so few carnivorous plant movies: it's a kind of stupid idea.


obscure tape music of japan vol. 07 - joji yuasa: music for experimental films

i'm a total sucker for runs of albums like this, you can bet i'll be tracking down everything else in the series. more info here, found at killed in cars.


more odd, obscure, and just plain unhinged album covers from the before time, selected in a haphazard fashion from the brilliant lp cover lover:

i don't know if i've heard this record, but i've definitely heard the band.

florence foster jenkins was an appallingly and endearingly talentless singer. it's actually a good listen.

^ scary. ^

i have a feeling i might know what the answer to this question is.

i'd never seen this one: great cover. ^^