microphyst: high octane sex death (2009).

beatwife: all over yer face (2009).

two releases on ideation records out of edinburgh. they have a lot more goodies worth paying attention to there also. microphyst has been mashing it on illphabetik and elsewhere and beatwife is unhinged.

merry 2010.


the paper i wrote for this event, on noise, 'meaning', representational violence and internet filtering:
‘extreme’ music and graphic representation online.
this is the final draft and has not yet been through peer review. if i got it horribly wrong, let me know. in fact let me know if you have any thoughts or feelings about it, some of the argument approaches the 'controversial'. the abstract reads:

Previously obscure musical genres, traditionally mediated by tape trading, mail order and the like, become relatively public as they migrate into online environments. The niche is now easily available in ‘pirated’ format: mp3 blogs post links to material which was previously only available on limited-run cassette or vinyl. Such material also circulates widely on peer-to-peer networks, and listeners can conveniently find each other and new bands through platforms such as Last.fm. One such genre is considered here: power electronics or ‘noise’. The textual and visual material around power electronics is presented as a limit case for considering the grounds upon which censorship operates in Australia.
Power electronics has a longstanding thematic preoccupation with transgressive content, and it addresses such issues from a complex and sometimes indeterminate position, ultimately leaving judgement with the listener. However, such material appears increasingly problematic where there is no grasp of the context of use, and no grasp of the often surprisingly nuanced approach taken by the artists and fans involved. Ambivalence is characteristic of the subtle orientations evident in power electronics, and this has in the past led to interpretive problems inside and outside of the subculture. Regardless of whether an argument can be made about the aesthetic merits of this genre, its increasing online visibility is inflected in the Australian context by a legal framework likely to criminalise it ‘on sight’. This is an imposition which obfuscates the meaning of the material, its social use, and most seriously, the broader societal context which gives rise to such material in the first place.





fully sick mashcore shiznit (mate), especially the last tune. blurb reads:

Hailing from Slovakia, Non Human delivers four slices of superb gabbabreakcorejungle mash-up jiggery pokery. With more pop-culture references than you could shake a stick at, this e.p will get any party started!

1. Mash Dat Shit
2. Bombaclat
3. War Nah Done
4. Trip


hentai lacerator. incredible abstract grindpunk skronk out of dayton, ohio. i'm really glad something sounds like this. robert inhuman of realicide on vocals. it's about slimer hentai.
realicide have a kind of megatorrent, which i'm still waiting to see if it moves.


simplemente mortal y brutal. narcotico.

out on day of the droids, a breakcore netlabel from barcelona. especially the 4th track, idiot pilot, with finegrain, superfast amens and quick-fix anthemic aspect.

the other releases are also quality, although the mp3s are locked and the metadata is missing, not so cool maybe depending on your media player and how you use it.



grindhouse schlock, maybe in a good way, i couldn't tell. it sure seemed to last a long time.


The 2nd Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference 2010 in Hong Kong: Call for Papers

Date: June 22 (Tues) - 23 (Wed), 2010

Venue: NAH 208, Humanities Bldg
New Asia College The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong (http://mmlab.itsc.cuhk.edu.hk/CMT/CM.aspx?lang=e&bldgId=119).

* About the campus map, transportation and shuttle bus, see below: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/v6/en/campus_map/campus_map.html.

Organized by:
Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group (http://interasiapop.org/)
School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Institute for East Asian Studies, Sungkonghoe University

Conference theme:
Genres of Popular Music in Asia

Key Note Speaker
Motti Regev (The Open University of Israel)

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Inter-Asia Popular Music Conference in Hong Kong in collaboration with School of Journalism and Communication in the Chinese University of Hong Kong at 22-23 June 2010. After having the first conference at Osaka in 2008, we move forward to having the next one at Hong Kong, the birthplace of one of the most popular and most globalized sounds of Asia: Cantopop.

The studies on Asian popular music are still in its embryonic stage. There is no institution devoted to popular music studies within Asian universities, neither is there is a journal which specializes on Asian popular music. What we have now is an online based, transnational research portal, Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Group in 2007 plus a rapidly growing research network that at the moment includes 80 scholars not only in Asia but also in Europe, America and Oceania. Although the organization has just taken its first steps, there is no doubt that the academic interest in Asia popular music is rising both inside and outside Asia. There is a growing feeling that Asian popular music has not received sufficient attention from international popular music studies and that the existing paradigms of popular music studies may not be that adequate for Asian popular music. This conference will be the unique event to engage with all the scholarly debates surrounding the emerging field of of Inter-Asia popular music studies.

The 2nd conference has a main theme entitled ‘Genres of Popular Music in Asia’. The 2nd IAPMS Conference will focus on different genres of Asian popular music. The central theme is on the emerging specific Asian music genres as a consequence of globalization/inter-Asian cultural flow/hybridization between indigenous and global culture. Rather than just introducing different kinds of music genres in Asia (melody, lyrics, etc), the paper submitted should focus on how these musical genres intersect/ engage with different social, cultural and political arenas. Genres of Asian popular music can cover pop, rock, hip-hop, reggae and any other traditional musical expressions in Asia. But we welcome any paper if it seriously studies Asian popular music.

31 December 2009: paper proposal (extended)
31 January 2010: acceptance of papers
31 March 2010: registration
31 May 2010: submission of full paper
22-23 June 2010: conference days

Call for papers
The organizers of Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference 2010 in Hong Kong would like to invite paper presenters to send their abstracts (not more than 250 words) before 31 December, 2009 to; asianpopstudies@gmail.com

If you have any inquiries, please feel free ask asianpopstudies@gmail.com or to local host Anthony Fung anthonyfung@cuhk.edu.hk

Registration Fee (This is for lunch, no frills)
Waged members: 240 HK$ (=30 US$)
Unwaged members: 120 HK$ (=15 US$)

Organizing Committee
Anthony FUNG (Chinese University, Hong Kong/China)
Angel Lin (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong/China)
Eric Ma (Professor, Chinese University, Hong Kong/China)
Philip Benson (The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong/China)
Masashi Ogawa (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong/China)
You Fai CHOW (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Jeroen de Kloet (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Yoshitaka MORI (Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan)
Tunghung HO (Fu-jen University, Taiwan)
Kai Khiun LIEW (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Viriya Sawangchot (Wathanasala Centre for Cultural Studies, Thailand)
Hyunjoon SHIN (Sungkonghoe University, Korea)
Jung-Yup LEE (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA/Korea)

1) Please use the specific form (download) when you submit paper proposal, which is attached. If you organize panel with more than two people, just fill in ‘the panel title’ as well as paper title in the form (There is no need for further description about the panel).

2) English is the only language in the conference as there is no common language among Asian languages. Translation service can be provided only during questions and answers, if the presenters need it.

3) Please observe that this conference is deliberately scheduled right after the ACS Crossroads 2010 Conference in Hong Kong. For more information on that conference please go to http://www.crossroads2010.org/.


analog cyberpunk, for archivists.



presenting this.
then here:

presenting this. i've previously posted links to all the musical examples i used: here (i remember when), here (orinoco grind), here (copy), and here (both ace of bass rmxs).

there were too many good heads at these amazing events to list right now, but you can find live reviews of the iaspm event here.

in between, some of this:

and of course this:


this term has been both terrific and quite intense, but now the marking and everything else is finally done.
so i'm off: presenting here, and then here, should be good, and in the between time seeing a bit of the north island, looking for a good tattooist, putting things together for this and this, the usual sorts of things.
once i get back it's straight into preparing teaching materials for next term - i'm doing soc203 explaining society (it's basically the social theory course) and soc206 youth and popular culture, and both of them are being completely overhauled from the ground up, hopefully the kids will dig it.


dj rainbow ejaculation (probably nsfw, depending where you work i guess): cocksucker mix (2008)
57 min mix on crd of some kind of awesome gheycore shit from wollongong's own rank sinatra/rainbow ejaculation (myspace). it is difficult to describe the levels of amazing achieved in this mix.


alex tune: what is a mashup? (2009)
ukrainian breakcore plunderphonics. the guy is surely a genius. the ace of bass remix is a great companion piece to the 8-bit breakcore cover of the same tune he produced, for this rus zud comp. sociopath as ever.



the new issue of the transcultural music review is online, including articles on vocaloid and race and authenticity in reggaeton, among many other things.
the iaspm.de in-house publication samples also includes some interesting articles, like this one on punks and ageing.
there are also some nice papers in the current art of record production journal (requires log-in).


the new retrigger album, available from cock rock disco or from the man himself.


Black Metal Theory Symposium
Metal. Theory. Mutual Blackening.

December 12, 2009, 1:00-7:00 p.m
Public Assembly
70 North 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY
Cover charge: $10.00


Erik Butler, “The Counter-Reformation in Stone and Metal: Spiritual Substances.”

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix
, "Transcendental Black Metal."

Nicola Masciandaro, “Anti-Cosmosis: Black Mahapralaya.”

Benjamin Noys, “‘Remain true to the earth!’: Remarks on the Politics of Black Metal” (in absentia).

Murray Resinski, "Red in a World of Black: A Discussion of Blood in Black Metal."

Joseph Russo, "Perpetual Rot: Obsessive Cycles of Deterioration."

Anthony Sciscione, "'Goatsteps behind my steps . . .': Black Metal and Ritual Renewal."

Niall Scott, “Black Confessions and Absu-lution.”

Steven Shakespeare, “The light that illuminates itself, the dark that soils itself: blackened notes from Schelling’s underground.”

Aspasia Stephanou, “Black Metal and Evil.”

Brandon Stosuy, "Meaningful Leaning Mess."

Evan Calder Williams, “The Headless Horsemen of the Apocalypse.”

Scott Wilson, “BAsileus philosoPHOrum METaloricum.”


Lionel Maunz, sculpture

Nader Sadek, Baptism in Black (Phase II)

this is looking exciting, hopefully the papers will be circulated after the event. i know that nicola masciandro wrote a pretty wild paper about vocalisation in death and black metal and i am still chewing it over. metal seems to be getting a lot of conference traction lately.


macro-dubplates (myspace) out of nz doing hilariously brilliant hip-hop-reggae mash-ups. volume 2 is also out, it's jay-z vs. the wailers.


or (the defunct?) aberrant sounds.

if you weren't getting enough out of sickness abounds.


au2pilot (seizure inducing myspace): silence. experimental breakcore maybe? copy is a great tune. out this year on amenorea.

va: illphabetik 042 - money yay. assembled by brokoli and extremely awesome and ferocious. featuring the likes of

Teerex, Surbahar, Rejekz, Abortifacient, Doc Colibri,Buttress O'Kneel, Gichev, Amphetamine Virus, Kink, Ed2-Nukua, Mr. Kitty,Cc Inc, Barbara's Straight Son, Johnny Clash, Pk Ill, Soulslept,Eler & Eneftze, Grr Sgnarl, Randomatik Blast, Ghost, Goroe, Calen, Brokoli,Les Sécrétions Romantiques, L'Homme Fatal, Zarevo, Y370.
also this year i think. au2pilot has a release on illphabetik too.
good to mark essays to.


jason crest: black mass (1969)
not sure how it got on my ipod, freaky uk psychedelia with backwards bits, wild effects, a choir, and bummer lyrics about satan. heavy in a kind of post-psych, pre-sabbath sort of way, i like that bum trip style psychedelia.

their stuff was rereleased as a comp, you can find it here or here.


russian breakcore mafia vol. 1

Exposing the dark, brutal and sometimes scary sound of the Russian underground, Russian Breakcore Mafia Volume 1 is the first release in a series which explores the effects a place can have on a scene and its sound.

1. K1osk - Voltronpiratestationforce
2. Sah - Dubby Jam
3. Inshizzo - Tequieroputa
4. Sto500 - The Court of Reason
5. Screen of Sorrow - Dead or Alive
6. Tim Ballista - Marevo
7. Airborne Drumz - Caterpillar
8. 21 Outside - Tokyo Doesn’t Love Us Anymore
9. Totally Fuckedup - Cosmonaut Returned Dead
10. Simon - 8bitmashit (feat. Mex)
11. Kangoo Electronics - Plum Rain (feat. Watashinokoko)
12. 5-40am - Alone In The Day
13. ID369 - No More Flowers For Pussies
14. Gromov - Poff Poff Poff
15. 777minus111 - Killing Bosses With Left Hand

it came out october 5 on ideation records.





ekzo: russian weapon (2009)

01. EkZo – Time 2 Die
02. EkZo + Jah Condah – True Champion
03. EkZo – Kimbo King
04. EkZo – MF (Jungle Blues)
05. EkZo + Steppa Style – Barbie Gal
06. EkZo – I’ll Funk You
07. Feyder – Laura
08. Smokah – Prayer
09. Jah Condah – Stage Time
10. Jah Condah – Cyaan Too Much
11. EkZo – Lawz Of War
12. Jungle Bullets – Moscow Walking
13. Feyder – Yagga Yagga
14. EkZo – Don And Dupes

feyder: russian weapon 2 (2009)

russian jungle mixes, sourced at raggajungle.biz.



i'm doing a guest lecture on breakbeats in bcm 301 history of media and communication this semester, and 3 students in that course decided they wanted to do their project on the amen, and that they wanted to interview me for it. i was chuffed, they'd really gotten into it, and they did a great job. the interview is now up on their project blog.


gabbenni amenassi: publishing prohibited (2009).

exactly mashy mash what i needed to hear this morning.


the inaugural issue of dancecult: the journal of electronic dance music culture, is now available. this has been a long time coming and props are due to all those involved, it's a great step forward for scholarship on electronic music.
eta: i got a review in it!


va rus zud #11: moscow breakcore massacre 2009

1. Frontcore – Suck It (2:00)
2. Radiactive Samurai – Oderjimiy (2:57)
3. Dj Belkin – She ( Вона ) (5:53)
4. MICROCOBRA – Childrens Luna Park (2:33)
5. AleX Tune – Dirty Bitches (4:35)
6. m1gUn0v – R ystal at r’n'b (3:35)
7. Grr – Abboth (4:51)
8. Noizzzbreed – Chaosterica (1:07)
9. Rivak – Maydayeveryday (1:57)
10. BullDoza – Little Ducks Dance ( Hardcore Version) (2:45)
11. Noise 412 Mhz – On the other side of the mirrors (3:10)
12. NesCreator – Overdose Lvl. 1-1.mp3 (2:43)
13. Kamikaze Deadboy – Faded Polaroids (3:15)
14. Kamikaze Deadboy – Christmas In The Silent Forest (Kamikaze Deadboy Remix) (7:17)
15. Gnomcorps – Last Track (3:15)
16. Gnomcorps – Apparat11 (Beavis observe Unknown Flying genital Objects during gay-parade on the Mayakovsky Square) (9:40)
17. Fr14m ft. Nin10do Bwoy – Flaming Cumshot! (3:24)
18. [P-R-Z] – Blow Rage (2:37)



click here or on the image to download the mix. hip-hop vs. dubstep: dubrap. bay area rappers over mostly u.k. dubstep. ricky switch is is an irish dj.

1. All the cash. The glitch mob.MASH
2. Sludge. Skool of thought, Ed solo.
3. 3K Lane. Jakes & Joker
4. Do it. Joker.
5. Scuba. Twitch. Jamie vex'd remix.
6. Girl from codeine city. L-wiz.
7. Snake eater. Joker.
8. Midnight. Bar 9
9. Age of dub. Ed solo.
10. Eastern jam. Chase and Status.
11. Wheres my money. TC, caspa.
12. Diesal not petrol. Sukh night.
13. Time is now . TRG.
14. Double trouble. Morphous.
15. Strong dub. Radikal guru.
16. Saxon. Chase&status.
17. Kinetic. Mimosa.
18. Squishy dub. Heyoka.
19. Kombulade. Heyoka.
20. IDiesel. Heyoka.
21. 26 basslines. Benga.
22. Music box. Benga .
23. Panpipes. Zero-g, Benny page.
24. Supligen. Gemmy.
25. Pinball. Akira Kiteshi.



robert inhuman from 2007 on dramacore.


Brutal Zone Blog


brigitte fontaine and art ensemble of chicago: comme à la radio (1970)

chico magnetic band: self-titled. 1971


popcanz2010 cfp

The First Annual Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCanz) will be held June 30, July 1, 2 at Women's College in Sydney.

This interdisciplinary and transnational conference is accepting proposals on ALL aspects of popular culture including but not limited to:

Graphic Novels, Comics and Visual Cultures (Dr Paul Mountfort, AUT)
Popular Design (Dr Derham Groves, University of Melbourne)
Popular Romance Studies (Dr Glen Thomas, QUT)
Popular Fiction (Dr Toni Johnson-Woods, UQ)
Film and TV (Dr Rebecca Beirne, University of Newcastle)
Fashion (Dr Vicky Karminas, UTS)
Food Studies (Toni Risson, University of Queensland)
Popular Science (Dr William Lott, QUT)
Linguistics (Alan Libert, University of Newcastle)
Queer Studies (Dr Samar Habib, University of Western Sydney)
Journalism and Popular Culture (Dr John Cokely, UQ)
Philosophy and Popular Culture
International Popular Culture
IT, Gaming, New Media, Internet and Popular Culture
Social/Popular History
Popular Performance/Entertainment
Transport/Scooter/Biker Culture
Popular Music
Indigenous Cultures and Literature
Green Issues and Popular Culture
Writing (Creative/Non Fiction)
Libraries, Archives, Museums and Popular Research
Sports and Popular Culture

Creative work is also accepted. Proposals for panels are welcome. We will also be holding a postgraduate poster evening. All postgrads and undergrads (provided they are working with the guidance of a trained scholar) interested in presenting their would-be or current research are invited to submit an abstract. Please mark your submissions: Poster Session.

Abstracts (300 words max.) should be sent as e-mail attachments to the area chairs, if none is designated please forward to Dr Toni Johnson-Woods, t.johnsonwoods at uq.edu.au.
The deadline for submissions is 30th November, 2009.
Please include your name, affiliation, mailing and e-mail address, and the title of your presentation.
E-mails should be entitled: PopCanz Conference.
If you do not receive an acknowledgment within one week, please resend your submission. Accepted presenters will be notified via e-mail by January 2010.
Additional information is available on the PopCanz blogsite.