ripley's article about the blogger takedowns.

this is illustrative of the sort of activity which presumably gets them to delete your posts:

larvae: loss leader (2008). yadda. too idm? i'm ultimately ambivalent.

barbie puker: génie toxique des barbares (2007). it's a little hazy to me now, but if memory serves, barbie puker is maybe half of the tremendously banging les sécrétions romantiques (i think this is so but i am prepared to be wrong. maybe it's the other way round and les sécrétions romantiques is half of barbie puker? i'm pretty sure there is some connection). les sécrétions romantiques' fast and furious (also '07) is freely available as zip from sociopath. you can get some other great stuff of theirs from here. hail.

spl: the deaf (2008). dnb.

ewun - wun nation (2008). also dnb. i don't even like it i don't think. i can't tell. maybe it's boring?

broken note: fueling the fire (2008). bass.

abelcain and cdatakill: passage (2008). truly wicked complex dark.

dolphin / deathmachine / autopsy: pacemaker (2008). 3 tunes of banging of head from each. if a password is required it will be LKE.

hellfish: the anti-citizen (2008). nuff said.

tieum: ready to party rmx ep (2008). booom.

supply module: practitioner of selective simulacrum (2008). supply module, frankly, sounds pretty pissed off.

va - neurotic waste sampler 04: mundane impairment (2008):
a1 fracture 4 - re-motional turbulence
a2 supply module - mundane impairment
b1 robbers & stanez - a calf that sucks knowledge from the udders of authority
b2 ram - fuckem bitch ('07 rmx)
b3 dbn - open your mind for red-yellow-green mankind

the speed freak: freakwaves (2008). more 4/4 core.

sickboy: time to play (2008). no introduction needed.

cardopusher: milk thistle (2008).

cardopusher: unity means power one and two (2008). everyone should listen very carefully to cardopusher, i know i do, and it pays off.

bruno and michel are smiling and skipperrr: cmon (2008).

handbag/abba: first blood (2008). brilliantly demented mashing on the always excellent spb.

curses!: hungry 4 love (2007). curses is a pseudonym of drop the lime. further ambivalence on my part i think.

last step: 1961 (2008). last step is of course the snares man in a certain type of mood which warrants some kind of attention from somebody.

va: rus zud 10 (2008):

01 dj p-r-z a.k.a [pro-z] - termination of childhood (intro)
02 sah - waiting shrooms
03 noize - death (ruszud #10 anthem)
04 alex tune - dream that i saw
05 alex tune - listen to your hardcore
06 rivak - 1200 mashed pills
07 uoki-toki - opera space dog
08 arena - freestyler
09 uoki-toki - the small hadron collider
10 sa†an - all of you will burn in hell!
11 look-in-jah - meat grinder
12 distimia and uior - childhood
13 gabbenni amenassi - bad bwoy
14 frontcore - destroyer (remix)
15 dj belkin vs the second compressor - fly
16 dj belkin - soldat
17 klp 521 42 inc. - machine test
18 klp 521 42 inc. - sancta sanctorum
19 gnomcorps - death of jumper

comp from rus zud (it's actually the 82nd rus zud release). i will listen to anything that involves noize and gabbenni amenassi.

bong selecta: gangsta / guntest (2008). hardcore junglism.

lisbent: 2nd portrait (2008). the latest mayhem from lisbent on illphabetik.

some archival research produced the following noteworthies:

the electric noise twist: untitled. industrial jazz type thing from 1989.

the kaboogie livesets from various legends who came to dublin (bizzy b, remarc, bong-ra, dj c among others).

bomb 20 remains, in fact, the bomb:

bomb 20: female eq one & two (1997).

bomb 20: field manual (1998).

bomb 20: reality surpasses fiction (2003). an interview with bomb 20 from 1999.

and in the grind:

agoraphobic nosebleed / insect warfare split (2008).

spasm: lust for feculent orgasm (2005). chunky crusty grindy sound. they have a new album out this year called paraphilic elegies, i haven't heard it yet.

eviscerated: eviscerated (2008). it does exactly what it says on the tin!

probably one of my favourite discoveries of the year is the band ruth. they surfaced on my radar on a couple of '08 compilations, among them ivg vol.1 futur antérieur, france 75/85. also bippp - french synth wave 1979/85 from 2007. maybe it's overkill at this stage, but they were also on so young but so cold: underground french music 1977-1983 (2004). anyway, once i heard the album:

ruth: polaroïd/roman/photo (1985).

i was plunged into a kind of frenzy of synthpop / minimal-wave / whatever-this-stuff-is-called listening. it's even worse than the 60s girl group thing, which i've really only just started getting over. the ruth album is evidently out of print. i especially love the 6th track. if you can't be bothered to download it, it sounds like this:

why we are in 1930s ukraine for the video, i don't know. thierry müller from ruth is so completely legendary that his previous project, ilitch, is on the nww list. the album in question is called 10 suicides and was released in 1980.

merry new year.



music of our time 1

music of our time 2

i don't have much information on this amazing audio document. but if you are in any way interested in the history of electronic music and how electronic music was understood 40 years ago it will likely be engaging (there is a chance of neostalgia). i guess it was originally put out as a promotional freebie for the record label - columbia. not too sure what the copy i got of it was associated with, but it seems to be something to do with the creel pone reissues series.

i have a ton of links to post.

dnb tracks: lots of drum'n'bass for dl (requires registration), and some other stuff going on too.

also: harry and the potters, the pioneers of wizard rock. better check em fast though because they say they won't tour beyond 2008.



and i don't mean the country.


dancecult: the journal

Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture (DJEDMC)

The journal is an extension of the international EDMC research network Dancecult (which has a home at www.dancecult.net). It uses the Open Journal Systems software developed by the Public Knowledge Project, and has an advisory board of international experts.

Idea and Scope:

Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC). A platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the shifting terrain of EDMCs worldwide, the journal houses research exploring the sites, technologies, and cultures of electronic music in historical and contemporary perspectives. Playing host to studies of emergent forms of electronic music production, performance, distribution, and reception, as a portal for cutting-edge research on the relation between bodies, technologies, and cyberspace, as a medium through which the cutural politics of dance is critically investigated, and as a venue for innovative multimedia projects, Dancecult is the forum for research on EDMCs.

From dancehall to raving, club cultures to sound systems, disco to techno, breakbeat to psytrance, hip hop to dub-step, IDM to noisecore, nortec to bloghouse, global EDMCs are a shifting spectrum of scenes, genres, and aesthetics. What is the role of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, religion and spirituality in these formations? How have technologies, mind alterants, and popular culture conditioned this proliferation, and how has electronic music filtered into cinema, literature and everyday life? How does existing critical theory enable understanding of EDMCs, and how might the latter challenge the assumptions of our inherited heuristics? What is the role of the DJ in diverse genres, scenes, subcultures, and/or neotribes? As the journal of the international EDMC research network, Dancecult welcomes submissions from scholars addressing these and related inquiries in the fields of anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, ethnomusicology, popular music studies, history, media and communications studies, politics, legal studies, criminology, studies in religion and other fields.


Besides editorials, featured articles (5000-8000 words), and book/ film reviews (1500 words), the journal will publish articles "from the floor", i.e. shorter peer-reviewed pieces, which include field reports, mini-ethnographies, and interviews (1000-3000 words). Solicited by the editors, Dancecult will also feature Conversations designed to provoke dialogue concerning contemporary issues in the field. DJEDMC will be published biannually.


This is an open call for content to the first edition of Dancecult.
The journal features a fully electronic submission and reviewing procedure. Once you have logged in and registered as an author you will be able to submit content to the journal by clicking on "Author" in your "User Home" column. Once submitted, you are able to track the status of your submission.
Dancecult uses the Open Journal Systems software developed by the Public Knowledge Project. http://pkp.sfu.ca/?q=ojs

Huge thanks to Managing Editor, Eliot Bates, who has been instrumental in the journal's technical development and web-hosting.

Graham St John (Chief Editor)

the journal will be hosted here.


out a while and already posted everywhere ever, but still worth the link (especially as the zshare link is down), and possibly also the hype; some stand-out moments and i should probably have posted it ages ago:
top ranking


'whispering grass (don't tell the trees)', by the ink spots (1940). scarily brilliant, and also, to me at least, plain scary in some kind of way.


the jungle preserve - oodles of hardcore and jungle mixes and pirate radio sets from back in the day:
The basic requirement for mixes included in the archive is being recorded in, or before, 1995 & essential for illustrating the growth & evolution of whats generally known as Jungle music.

Maximum boost & all credit due to the DJ’s, MC’s, Music Makers, Promoters, Radio Stations, Studios, tape rippers, file sharers, and original posters of these.


if you wondered where i got my ace flash label cloud to the right there, and coveted it and wanted one for your very own, well, it came from here.
lots of people have one you know. but just in case you were wondering.



while looking for a bibliography put together by paul hodkinson, i stumbled across this ma thesis available as pdf:

does nme even know what a music blog is?: the rhetoric and social meaning of mp3 blogs

it (mis)quotes my cybersounds chapter. but even cooler than this is the fact that it is out there in the first place: i haven't been looking all that hard, but i do not see much academic work on music blogs. plus i am not familiar with the theoretical references. it is evidently also available in print.


cdr: red ransel

cdr release from czech netlabel amenorea.

there's also a recent cdr on crd!

another japanese artist, who actually might or might not be cdr:
gunslinger-r: digital nerdcore

plenty more where that came from.

form 696

in the uk:

The 696 Form compels licensees who wish to hold live music events in 21 London Boroughs to report to the police the names, addresses, aliases and telephone numbers of performers, and most worryingly, the likely ethnicity of their audience. Failure to comply could result in fines or imprisonment. We believe this places unnecessary and frankly Orwellian powers in the hands of the Metropolitan Police, an institution which does not have the best record of racial fairness. The 696 form can only serve to deter the staging of live musical events - a positive form of activity in London and all cities - stifle free expression and quite possible penalise certain genres of music and ethnic audiences. It is an intrusion too far.
how do they justify wanting to know that kind of information?


originally self-released, on cassette, in 1994.

nasenbluten: i'll make them pay

indispensable classic, sourced you know where.


dst (skewer): noize parasite

an excellent 2008 hardcore mix from these folks (46 mins 38 secs).


no clean feed!