them's the breaks.


Badder dan dem - Burro Banton

ghislain poirier played this tune on friday night.


i just submitted the final manuscript of my book to cambridge scholars after 2 flat-out months of revisions. the original thesis post-corrections was 122,761 words. the book will be 139,308 words. that's 388 pages. i updated the discography, sections on research ethics, nfo files and ascii art, anal-erotics and cultural meanings of ghey, section on history of p2p, and conclusion. there're other things i'm sure i've forgotten too, my brain is slightly melted after all that.
it will be published under the title breakcore: identity and interaction on peer-to-peer. not the best title ever, but probably better than the thesis title.
so, after 1,215 downloads, i'm removing the thesis from archive.org. big thanks to everyone who corresponded with me about the book over the last few months, and to everyone who helped make it possible. it's great to be (mostly) done and to start thinking about what happens next.


i'll miss it
i'll be here.

some netlabels

available through gorehole. also:
glitch city.
and northamerican hardcore.


shitmat last night in the legal eagle. its these guys.



youtomb is a research project by MIT Free Culture that tracks videos taken down from YouTube for alleged copyright violation.


interview with eric castro, developer of islsk.
not like. as of yet, the application is leech only:

As of now, iSlsk is not capable of sharing your iPhone/iPod files. That caused some regular Soulseek users to get really angry, and they blamed me and complained [about iSlsk] flooding the network with “leechers” who only made larger queues. Because of that, I consider [uploading to be] the most important feature that needs to be implemented on future releases. I plan to keep improving others like file search, (e.g. allowing multiple searches at once), wish lists, and getting the music import to work better (it’s not stable the way it is now), as well as also adding chatroom and messaging support, since Soulseek is a community-based network.
also, eric castro is apparently accepting donations for islsk, but never asked soulseek if they consented to its release. i don't know what other portable file-sharing apps there might be out there.



the amenathon vol. ii

Lisbent is back! Rocking the smelly white trash style as always, complete with trashy errors and obscure samples. The album features samples from the first Amenathon over J-lo, to Counter Strike, to Erwin Neutzsky Wullf, the danish cult writer. So prepare yourself for a sloppy gabber onslaught, complete with distorted Amens, filtered thinks, and tentacled filled madness.
also, really like:
Les Sécrétions Romantiques takes you into something reminding of the Alec Empires Geist-universe with the Nozebleed Walz introduction. From there on you dive into a universe of diversity with everything from hardcore IDM to chippy electronica passing by gabba-core breaks and diverse French samples chopped in every possible way. This unique combination of chiptune, gabba, breakcore and horror is not only worth a listen, but instantly steals a spot in the illphabetik hall of fame – Excellent work by Les Sécrétions Romantiques!



how much internet traffic is due to p2p?

what percentage of internet traffic is p2p based?
it seems like either no-one knows for sure, or else the people who do know aren't telling.


the nww list

the nurse with wound list.
an annotated list.
a blog dedicated to the list.




110 million dollars please


TorrentSpy bit the dust only weeks ago, shuttering its peer-to-peer file-sharing site. Now a federal judge has ordered the company to pay the Motion Picture Association of America $110 million for infringement of thousands of copyrighted film and TV shows.
In a four-page final ruling issued Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper entered the multimillion-dollar judgment against TorrentSpy parent company Valence Media for willfully inducing, contributing and vicariously allowing copyright infringement on its Web site.
Cooper also issued a permanent injunction against the Web site, which shut down March 24.
The MPAA, which represents the Hollywood studios, filed suit against TorrentSpy in February 2006, claiming that the site's torrent files were illegally uploaded.
"This substantial money judgment sends a strong message about the illegality of these sites," MPAA chairman and CEO Dan Glickman said. "The demise of TorrentSpy is a clear victory for the studios."
Whether the MPAA will collect the $110 million from TorrentSpy remains to be seen. Court records show that Valence and TorrentSpy principles Justin Bunnell and Wes Parker have filed for bankruptcy.


pacheko & cardopusher

a dubstep set by pacheko and cardopusher, recorded for tranquera.org.

01. Cardopusher “Lacra” Dub
02. ABZ “Cylinder” Dub
03. 100Mado “Killer Dope” Dub
04. Pacheko & Cardopusher “Harp Shaped Box” Dub Bullet forthcoming
05. Cardopusher “Twins” Dub
06. Itchy Robot “Befuddled” Art Recordings forthcoming
07. Pacheko “Pasta De Coca” Dub
08. Cardopusher “Green Disorder” Dutty Artz forthcoming
09. Woogie “End Dub” Aufect Recordings
10. Cardopusher “Melody Moon Dub” Mashit forthcoming
11. Templer “Insanity” Dub
12. Cardopusher “Double Dragon Dub” Lodubs forthcoming
13. DZ “Old Timers” Dub
14. Pacheko “Ron Lacteo” Dub
15. Cardopusher “Homeless” Mashit forthcoming
16. Twisted “Prophecy” Dub Bullet forthcoming
17. Cardopusher “Low End Legacy” Murder Channel forthcoming
18. Pacheko & Cardopusher “Lemna” Art Recordings forthcoming
19. Pacheko “Done With The Zine” Murder Channel forthcoming
20. ABZ “Lose It” Dub
21. Goth Trad “Far East Assasin” Skud
22. Robbing Hood “How Cruel You Are” Dub
23. Ove Naxx “Palm Coming (Goth Trad Remix)” Fragment
24. Cardopusher “Gwar Skank” Murder Channel forthcoming
25. Jimmy Flamante “Little Things” Dub
26. Tranquera “Taka Fogo” Dub
27. Cardopusher “Warrior Locks” Dub
28. Pacheko “Green Bull” Dub
29. Twisted “Summer Vibes” Dub
30. Vista “Lounge Dub” 3.5 forthcoming



can't believe i missed this. i saw the sign outside the place.




chip tune:
herbert weixelbaum: my sound is little, my day is gee (from hot gameboy music)
sonofsam: old people can still do it
baron knoxbury: pr0n slagg (both off the pornochip comp; see here for more)
nullsleep: hard4u in tha bayou
nullsleep: i love u ... both of u (both off 8bp027)
nc otter: the problem (on chiptune not breakcore, and i dunno anything else about that other than aa.kurtz has something to do with it).
melodies are strong!

(re-upped 01/08/08)