tricky words

aberinkula – a type of nigerian drum
amenorrhœa – absence of menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age.
anbaric – electric
ancillary – in a lesser or supporting position
anhedonia – inability to experience pleasure
apophasis – ‘to mention by not mentioning’, argument by denial. apophatic – concerning the belief that god can only be known in terms of what he is not
apoptosis – programmed cell death
apostate – someone who has renounced a religious belief
appropriate – to take without permission
auratic – referring to the ‘aura’, in a benjaminian sense, usually of an artwork; the distinctive but intangible qualities such a thing posseses
cairn – a pile of stones set up as a memorial
circumbendibus - circumlocution
clinamen – the spontaneous movement of atoms (often referring to free will)
cloaca – terminal region of the gut in reptiles, amphibians, birds, including intestinal, urinary and genital organs
collateral misinformation – when someone alters a wikipedia article to win a specific argument, anyone who reads the false article before the ‘error’ is corrected suffers from collateral misinformation
complantation – the practice of planting different grapes in a specific type of soil (?)
concordance – a list of words used in a text, indicating the locations at which they occur – an index
concrescence – the growing together of organs or body parts
coruscating – giving out flashes of light
demotic – a form of late ancient egyptian writing, abbreviated and for everyday use; of or for the common people; vernacular
dhimmi – ‘people of the book’, non-muslim under the protection of the state in a muslim country
diurnation – the habit of sleeping during the day
dyscrasia – inadequate synthesis of blood
echolalia – instant, meaningless, and often involuntary repetition of phrases or words first produced by others
echt – (gr.) authentic, genuine
eidos – image or form, ‘idea’ in greek philosophy, in anthropology: the distinctive expression of the cognitive or intellectual character of a culture or a social group
encomium – a formal text expressing high praise; such an expression of praise
entelechy – the real existence of a thing, as opposed to its theoretical existence
enuresis – involuntary urination, especially during sleep
ethetic – concerned with cleaning or cosmetics (?)
explantation – removal of implants
expropriate – to deprive of possessions, (of the state:) to take for the public good
geoponic – of or relating to agriculture, growing plants in the earth (as opposed to hydroponic or aeroponic)
gest – (gr.) yeast
glossolalia – speaking in tongues
homunculus – a miniature person
hubris – excessive pride, as effects heroes in classical plays and thereby leads to their downfall
hyperkinetic – characterised by excessive movement
ibid – ‘in the same place’, referring to the title already mentioned
idiopathy – a disease or illness having no known cause or origin
ileum – lower end of small intestine
infobesity – the sense of mental bloat arising from information overload and fatigue
infomania – obsessive checking of email, text messages etc., at the expense of actual work
inhume – bury
intercrural – between the legs
ipseity – selfhood
irrumatio – oral sex performed on the male where the penis is actively thrusted (the distinction is based on who is moving: in fellatio it is the mouth and head. the distinction has largely fallen into disuse)
jejunum – middle part of small intestine
logorrhoea – excessive talkativeness, especially when uncontrolled or incoherent, as in certain mental illnesses
lychnobite – someone who works at night and sleeps in the day
musematic – concerning ‘musemes’, minimal units of musical meaning
noctilucent – shining at night
nomenclature – a system of names; terminology
nosocomial – (referring to infections) acquired in hospital
nosology – the branch of medicine concerned with the classification of disease
nsbm – national socialist black metal
obtuse – slow to understand
occultatio – to describe something by not describing it
op cit – ‘in the work cited’
ophiolatry – the worship of snakes
orthorexia – or orthorexia nervosa – the ‘correct’ eating disorder, an unhealthy fixation on eating healthy food
otaku – japanese for obsessive ‘nerd’ or geek’, appropriated, with a positive valuation, in the u.s. by hardcore anime fans
ouroboros – symbol depicting the circle formed by the serpent swallowing its own tail
pabulum – foodstuff; insipid intellectual nourishment
paralipsis – invoking a subject by denying it should be invoked: ‘i don’t want to talk about the allegations raised against my opponent’
parsimonious – frugal, stingy; or of an explanation - requiring a minimum of detail
parthenogenesis – reproduction from an egg without fertilisation or impregnation
patrilineality – agnatic kinship – a system in which one belongs to one’s fathers linaeage; property, names or titles through the male line
pavid – timid, fearful
pecksniffian – unpleasantly hypocritical, corrupt behind a façade of benevolence (after a character in dickens’ martin chuzzlewit)
pellagra – disease produced by a deficiency of niacin. symptoms include dermatitis, diarrhea and nervous system disorders
pod slurping – downloading large amounts of data to a usb or audio device
prepone – to reschedule an event to an earlier time
priapic – phallic; preoccupied with masculinity and male sexuality
primus inter pares – the leader or representative of a group of equals (first among equals)
pusillanimous – lacking courage, fearful
rahowa – ‘racial holy war’, american neo-nazi hail
recondite – requiring specialist knowledge to be understood
recto – front side of a printed sheet, right-hand page of a printed book (cf. verso)
sequelæ – conditions resulting from an event; morbid conditions following an illness or injury
somniloquy – talking in one’s sleep
stoma – an opening or hole, especially that made in the colon or ileum via the abdomen
suture – the line of junction between two bones or plates; the stitches used to close a wound
tinctumutation – change of colour
verso – back of a page, any of the left-hand pages of a book, usually printed with an even page number (cf. recto)
walpurgis night – a wild celebration or a nightmarish situation, walpurgisnacht, traditionally celebrated on the april 30/may 1

some tricky words i wouldn't use, because i don't really understand what they mean and haven't been able to get definitions for them:

erotogenicity (erotogenic)
phallophoria, phallophor


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