a moab tune called playhouse got featured in a mix on thematics radio:

It's a frickin' huge file, but I've got it online if you wanted to check it out. No worries at all if you can't be bothered! Just wanted to let you know I used it.

Here's the playlist:

General Patton vs The Executioners - Battle Damage Assessment and Repair/White Flag Surrender
Monsta Noodle - Pork Scratchathon
DJ Producer - Neglected Intellect
Teflon - Flabbergasted (ADD mix)
Usedtobecool - Tested on Blondes
Meat Shits - Sex-Life (dub mix)
Felix Helix - Fuckspace
Overseer - Signing on
E.P.S. Man - Gangster Love
Fex and Sum - Too much Beer makes me Gypsy
The Flashbulb - Red Vector Acid Minute
Girl Talk - The Feeling
Shitmat - Hardcore Necroism isn't all it's Cracked up to be...
Ravezombie - Pocket Slayer
Paul Blackout - Violent Behaviour
Celsius - Synth
Nordcore GMBH - Now
Swecore Noize Conspiracy - Hitler is Dead
LFO Demon - Maydayverbot
Sacrifice the Liver! - Small Town Syndrome
Scandanavian Noize Syndicate - Kill the Assassin
Fap* - Injured
Gross Prophet - Violents
Kode 9 - Lime
MonstR - 4am Brawl
Alaska Soundsystem - Polar
De-Koder - Knife
Djuep - Zombie Ravin'
Das Gritli Moser - God is Evil and he's gonna Punish you
Hecate - Black as Silence
Indi Bass - Ghost Dance
Drazen - Ancient Future
DJ Infinity - Untitled
Adroit - Subject KRK (Zardonic remix)
Evol Intent - Double Glock
Moab - Playhouse
Rechenzentrum - Parabolid
Mr.Oizo - Analog Wormz Sequel
Himiko - Suck (version 2)
DJ 6666 - Acid's not enough
Xear - I believe in me
Line47 - Taken away
Halo Manash - Lizard Circle
Tim Hecker - October
Ginnungagap - Black Snow, Blood Mountain
Tetsu Inoue - Dot Hack
Monotape - Slump
Graham Moore - Untitled
such esteemed company!
the file is just under 2 hrs long, it's 164 mb, it can be downloaded from this link, or streamed from here.


“‘Dirt is matter in the wrong place’” (Freud 1959: 172-173).

“Hell has burst and has poured forth abundance” (Bakhtin 1984: 91).

“Debasement is the fundamental artistic principle of grotesque realism; all that is sacred and exalted is rethought on the level of the material bodily stratum or else combined and mixed with its images” (Bakhtin 1984: 370).

“Abuses, curses, profanities, and improprieties are the unofficial elements of speech. They were and still are conceived as a breach of the established norms of verbal address; they refuse to conform to conventions, to etiquette, civility, respectability. These elements of freedom, if present in sufficient numbers and with a precise intention, exercise a strong influence on the entire contents of speech, transferring it to another sphere beyond the limits of language. Such speech forms, liberated from norms, hierarchies, and prohibitions of established idiom, become themselves a peculiar argot and create a special collectivity, a group of people initiated in familiar intercourse, who are frank and free in expressing themselves verbally. The marketplace crowd was such a collectivity, especially the festive, carnivalesque crowd at the fair” (Bakhtin 1984: 187-188).

“The abject is the mud of Narcissus’ pool” (Lechte 1990: 160).

“We do not like (how inadequate this word is!) what we see; but this, too, is beside the point. For abjection is precisely what we do not, consciously, want to see. There is, on the other hand, a certain emotionally charged fascination with abjection: horror and fascination are here entwined. How can the speaking being cope with such a contradiction? Kristeva’s answer is this: not by more repression, but through a kind of laughter (the expenditure of affect): an apocalyptic laughter, given that we are faced with abjection” (Lechte 1990: 167).

“carnival is simultaneously continuous with the contemporary world and desperately at odds with it” (Gardiner 1993: 37).

“carnival is an ‘antibody’ living within a pathological social body, always threatening to rupture it from within” (Gardiner 1993: 37).

“Much of this ideological mode of carnivalization, of course, revolves around the destruction of images sacred in other, different, often opposing cultural levels and dialogues” (Brottman 2005: 14).

“The punk, for example, estranges the discourse of mass-appeal, major-label, commercialized chart music by means of an uncomprehending stupidity (simplicity, naivétè), where the very aspect of not understanding, not grasping the conventions of a society, not comprehending lofty, meaning-charged lyrics, chords, words, labels, and events, remains vital.” (Brottman 2005: 16).

“profanity is always delimited by social context. Although the verbal content is far from arbitrary it is only in certain contexts that the relevant words are thought to be shocking, and it is always the situation of profanity, rather than the words as such, which generates excitement … it is always the situation rather than the lexicon which decides whether or not any particular expression is or is not a profanity and the gravity of that profanity” (Leach 1980: 218-219).

“There is no necessary connection between the symbol and that which is symbolized” (Hayakawa and Hayakawa 1990: 16).

“A learned vocabulary has two functions: first, it has the communicative function of giving expression to ideas–including important, difficult, or recondite ideas; secondly, it has a social function of conferring prestige upon its users and arousing respect and awe among those who do not understand it” (Hayakawa and Hayakawa 1990: 180).

Bakhtin, Mikhail. 1984. Rabelais and his World. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Brottman, Mikita. 2005. High Theory/Low Culture. Palgrave Macmillan.

Freud, Sigmund. 1959. The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud Volume IX: Jensen’s Gradiva and Other Works (trans. James Strachey). London: The Hogarth Press.

Gardiner, Micheal. 1993 “Bakhtin’s Carnival: Utopia as Critique.” Pp. 20-47 in Bakhtin: Carnival and Other Subjects, edited by David Shepherd. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Hayakawa, S.I., and Alan Hayakawa. 1990. Language in Thought and Action. Orlando: Harcourt Brace.

Leach, Edmund. 1980. “Profanity in Context.” Pp. 214-228 in Not Work Alone: A cross-cultural view of activities superfluous to survival, edited by Jeremy Cherfas and Roger Lewin. London: Temple Smith.

Lechte, John. 1990. Julia Kristeva. London: Routledge.


rus zud: gabbenni amenassi and noize

great 2008 russian breakcore album from the rus zud netlabel. their complete discography linked here. the entire album as zip. details at archive.org.

this noize ep from last year is also wicked, heavier style. details at archive.
russian breakcore ftw.



self harm is a popular topic.


tricky words

aberinkula – a type of nigerian drum
amenorrhœa – absence of menstrual period in a woman of reproductive age.
anbaric – electric
ancillary – in a lesser or supporting position
anhedonia – inability to experience pleasure
apophasis – ‘to mention by not mentioning’, argument by denial. apophatic – concerning the belief that god can only be known in terms of what he is not
apoptosis – programmed cell death
apostate – someone who has renounced a religious belief
appropriate – to take without permission
auratic – referring to the ‘aura’, in a benjaminian sense, usually of an artwork; the distinctive but intangible qualities such a thing posseses
cairn – a pile of stones set up as a memorial
circumbendibus - circumlocution
clinamen – the spontaneous movement of atoms (often referring to free will)
cloaca – terminal region of the gut in reptiles, amphibians, birds, including intestinal, urinary and genital organs
collateral misinformation – when someone alters a wikipedia article to win a specific argument, anyone who reads the false article before the ‘error’ is corrected suffers from collateral misinformation
complantation – the practice of planting different grapes in a specific type of soil (?)
concordance – a list of words used in a text, indicating the locations at which they occur – an index
concrescence – the growing together of organs or body parts
coruscating – giving out flashes of light
demotic – a form of late ancient egyptian writing, abbreviated and for everyday use; of or for the common people; vernacular
dhimmi – ‘people of the book’, non-muslim under the protection of the state in a muslim country
diurnation – the habit of sleeping during the day
dyscrasia – inadequate synthesis of blood
echolalia – instant, meaningless, and often involuntary repetition of phrases or words first produced by others
echt – (gr.) authentic, genuine
eidos – image or form, ‘idea’ in greek philosophy, in anthropology: the distinctive expression of the cognitive or intellectual character of a culture or a social group
encomium – a formal text expressing high praise; such an expression of praise
entelechy – the real existence of a thing, as opposed to its theoretical existence
enuresis – involuntary urination, especially during sleep
ethetic – concerned with cleaning or cosmetics (?)
explantation – removal of implants
expropriate – to deprive of possessions, (of the state:) to take for the public good
geoponic – of or relating to agriculture, growing plants in the earth (as opposed to hydroponic or aeroponic)
gest – (gr.) yeast
glossolalia – speaking in tongues
homunculus – a miniature person
hubris – excessive pride, as effects heroes in classical plays and thereby leads to their downfall
hyperkinetic – characterised by excessive movement
ibid – ‘in the same place’, referring to the title already mentioned
idiopathy – a disease or illness having no known cause or origin
ileum – lower end of small intestine
infobesity – the sense of mental bloat arising from information overload and fatigue
infomania – obsessive checking of email, text messages etc., at the expense of actual work
inhume – bury
intercrural – between the legs
ipseity – selfhood
irrumatio – oral sex performed on the male where the penis is actively thrusted (the distinction is based on who is moving: in fellatio it is the mouth and head. the distinction has largely fallen into disuse)
jejunum – middle part of small intestine
logorrhoea – excessive talkativeness, especially when uncontrolled or incoherent, as in certain mental illnesses
lychnobite – someone who works at night and sleeps in the day
musematic – concerning ‘musemes’, minimal units of musical meaning
noctilucent – shining at night
nomenclature – a system of names; terminology
nosocomial – (referring to infections) acquired in hospital
nosology – the branch of medicine concerned with the classification of disease
nsbm – national socialist black metal
obtuse – slow to understand
occultatio – to describe something by not describing it
op cit – ‘in the work cited’
ophiolatry – the worship of snakes
orthorexia – or orthorexia nervosa – the ‘correct’ eating disorder, an unhealthy fixation on eating healthy food
otaku – japanese for obsessive ‘nerd’ or geek’, appropriated, with a positive valuation, in the u.s. by hardcore anime fans
ouroboros – symbol depicting the circle formed by the serpent swallowing its own tail
pabulum – foodstuff; insipid intellectual nourishment
paralipsis – invoking a subject by denying it should be invoked: ‘i don’t want to talk about the allegations raised against my opponent’
parsimonious – frugal, stingy; or of an explanation - requiring a minimum of detail
parthenogenesis – reproduction from an egg without fertilisation or impregnation
patrilineality – agnatic kinship – a system in which one belongs to one’s fathers linaeage; property, names or titles through the male line
pavid – timid, fearful
pecksniffian – unpleasantly hypocritical, corrupt behind a façade of benevolence (after a character in dickens’ martin chuzzlewit)
pellagra – disease produced by a deficiency of niacin. symptoms include dermatitis, diarrhea and nervous system disorders
pod slurping – downloading large amounts of data to a usb or audio device
prepone – to reschedule an event to an earlier time
priapic – phallic; preoccupied with masculinity and male sexuality
primus inter pares – the leader or representative of a group of equals (first among equals)
pusillanimous – lacking courage, fearful
rahowa – ‘racial holy war’, american neo-nazi hail
recondite – requiring specialist knowledge to be understood
recto – front side of a printed sheet, right-hand page of a printed book (cf. verso)
sequelæ – conditions resulting from an event; morbid conditions following an illness or injury
somniloquy – talking in one’s sleep
stoma – an opening or hole, especially that made in the colon or ileum via the abdomen
suture – the line of junction between two bones or plates; the stitches used to close a wound
tinctumutation – change of colour
verso – back of a page, any of the left-hand pages of a book, usually printed with an even page number (cf. recto)
walpurgis night – a wild celebration or a nightmarish situation, walpurgisnacht, traditionally celebrated on the april 30/may 1

some tricky words i wouldn't use, because i don't really understand what they mean and haven't been able to get definitions for them:

erotogenicity (erotogenic)
phallophoria, phallophor


if you want any of the tunes posted on this blog previous to this date, best get them now. mediamax, which hosts them, is about to turn into the linkup on the 25th, when it will promptly delete my account because i don't pay them a penny:
Current non-paying users: If you are not currently a paying subscriber to MediaMax, you need to upgrade your account before April 25 to be included in the move. Otherwise, your account will be deleted and all your files will be lost.


get mp3s from google

using the sensible advice presented at this link.
while on the subject of google:
the googlization of everything
i very much like: google will eat itself

anyway, is p2p downloading just digital gluttony?



apparently playing 17 may, 20:00, mcgruders, thomas st., dublin.
cardopusher off gabber.od:
life is peachy
hippy killers don't mind jah conversations
i need someone i can imitate
red red blood
there's a nice split with rotator, good tunes, and maybe a couple of other releases gabber.od don't have.



European Parliament to Sarkozy: No "Three Strikes" Here

from the eff:

Despite last minute attempts by the French government to divide them, European MEPs today voted decisively against "three strikes", the IFPI-promoted plan to create a class of digital outcasts, forbidden from accessing the Net if repeatedly accused by music companies of downloading infringing content.
In a vote held today, hundreds of MEPs supported language which declared termination of Internet access to be in conflict with "civil liberties and human rights and with the principles of proportionality, effectiveness and dissuasiveness", all core values of the European Union.
In an attempt to limit the damage of this vote, the French government (whose President, Nicholas Sarkozy publically supports three strikes) wrote to all French MEPs to oppose the vote. "Three strikes" advocates also worked hard to divide support for the amendment. They successfully managed to split the language into two parts, to be voted on separately: the first section condemned any action that would conflict with such ideals, but failed to specify what those actions might be. The second specifically named disconnecting Net users as being beyond the pale.
EFF (which has been following the Bono report closely since the first attempts were made to "hijack" it last October) collaborated with activists across Europe to co-ordinate support for the amendment, and wrote to all MEPs yesterday to point out the real dangers of graduated response, and urge a vote for both parts. French Net activists, including the new Squaring the Net initiative, contacted their MEPs en masse to oppose the French Government's recommendation. And Guy Bono, the author of the report, had this to say in the plenary:
"On this subject, I am firmly opposed to the position of some Member States, whose repressive measures are dictated by industries that have been unable to change their business model to face necessities imposed by the information society. The cut of Internet access is a disproportionate measure regarding the objectives. It is a sanction with powerful effects, which could have profound repercussions in a society where access to the Internet is an imperative right for social inclusion."

Both parts of the amendment passed. (You can watch the vote in French, English and German - it's about two minutes in.).
The entertainment industry originally intended the Bono Report on the Cultural Industries to be a stalking horse for their new approach, encouraging MEPs to insert language that would show support for copyright extension, banning Net users, and censoring the Net in the interests of rightsholders.
Instead it has turned into a watershed: a clear rejection of the strategy of forcing the telecommunications industry to act as a private police force for entertainment lobby — and a positive endorsement of the Net's free flow of information, and a positive agenda for copyright reform. It seems like the music industry will remain the only group to believe that spying, filtering and punishing your own customers is a good idea: either for business, or for society as a whole.

these are all tunes that i listened to a lot in the old place before i moved out, and they are associated, for me, with that building (it was a converted church, and it predated the american declaration of independence). i knew i would miss it when i left, and i do miss it.

the house is haunted by the memory of your last goodbye:
glen gray-casa loma orchestra: the house is haunted
if you say my dancing is effeminate, i will never dance again:
xiu xiu: master of the bump (kurt stumbaugh, i can feel the soil falling over my head)

noise version of
gloomy sunday.
i don't know who by, but it's on syco vol. 2.

atarix: babylon skorcher
absolutely beautiful:
current value: into the light
my second favourite current value tune after 'dark rain'.

ultra vomit: i like to vomit
emptydemic degree: emptydemic degree
clitoridus invaginatus: i will rape you on a pallett

dunno what to make of that last one, but i think i like it.

here comes the devil:
roy newman and his boys: the devil with the devil

sebastien tellier: manty

as if you were somehow able to avoid it:
m.i.a.: paper planes

it's the end of your friend:
the new sound of my bossa nova: a story

dj sarah wilson: s&m: its the end of the (pop)world as we know it
last last last last last last ever.
i didn't want to leave, but i had to, for reasons i won't get into here and now.
andrew octopus: soapbubble revolution
maybe another time.

(re-upped 01/08/08)


group hug

group hug. seems a bit like postsecret, but maybe not as good? i can't tell anymore, but a lot of people seem to be into it, and it's been around for a while. it's like a 'hot or not' postsecret, rate my confession, without the art. makes for a good read if there's procrastinating to be done. i liked lolsecretz best.


you don't want to know how many sunburned hand of the man albums i had to wade through to discover this gem:


however many it was, it was probably worth it.


the slob-nerd

my favourite variant. an example:

i am not ashamed to admit that i possess a copy of the original soundtrack to revenge of the nerds.
but before him, behold:

oh noes


circa 1995, by our reckoning. originally written on a wall at weird stain. only one known extant hard-copy survives.


don't copy that floppy

from 1992.

30 days of night

william bennett says here about the day of the dead remake:
my adage that a bad zombie movie is always better than a good vampire movie is blown out of the water - absolutely and unremittingly atrocious
i haven't seen a zombie movie since the last time the dawn of the dead remake was on tv, but i saw 30 days of night the other night, and it's a great horror movie. the vampires are sort of like zombies in some ways, and it also has the siege thing zombie movies usually have (like, the vampires are not sophisticated seducer types, they're sort of superhuman animals). in fact, it's basically a zombie movie but with vampires.


bored with school?

1982 punk attitude from the feederz.

iaspm anz cfp

Annual Conference of IASPM-ANZ
International Association for the Study of Popular Music
Australia-New Zealand branch

The Mainstream and its Discontents
28-30 November 2008
Presented by the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas (CPCI)
Griffith University
Brisbane, Australia

Whilst “cutting edge” and “alternative” music has played a central role in popular music studies, these terms depend upon being juxtaposed with a real or imagined “middle” or “mainstream.” The mainstream has often played the negative role in this relationship, against which the positive, resistant qualities of music subcultures have been measured. However, as music scenes and genres continue to fragment and blur, it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between a normative mainstream and a smaller number of resistant subcultures. Ultimately, today’s mainstream music reflects a complex set of negotiations between individuals, industry, production and consumption. We invite contributions that address the topic of the mainstream from any perspective. The organising committee also gladly welcomes any general papers in the study of popular music.

Topics may include:
Redefining the mainstream
Mainstream music and everyday life
Global and local mainstreams
Mainstream music in educational contexts
Music, the mainstream and sporting cultures
Mainstreams, margins and minorities
Conflicts and controversies in the mainstream
Mainstream music across generations
Mainstream entertainment for children
Gender and sexuality in mainstream music
Mainstream music in the media

Abstract Submission
Abstracts should be submitted as an email attachment (Word document, 12pt Times New Roman font) to Gavin Carfoot
g.carfoot at griffith.edu.au.
The deadline for receipt of abstract is 30 June 2008.
Please use your surname as the document title (for example, “Carfoot.doc”). The abstracts will be reviewed by an IASPM-ANZ committee and successful applicants advised by email. Please include the following details (in this order):
1. Name of author(s) (as you would like it to appear in the programme)
2. Institution or affiliation (where applicable)
3. Contact phone numbers
4. Email address
5. Title of paper
6. Abstract (200-300 words)
7. Consideration for 2007 IASPM-ANZ postgraduate prize? (Yes/No)

Registration details will be available on the conference website,
<http://www.iaspm.org.au/2008/conf/>. Please send registration forms to:
Jill Jones, Events Coordinator
Centre for Public Culture and Ideas
Nathan Campus
Griffith University
170 Kessels Road, Nathan
Brisbane, Queensland 4111
AUSTRALIA Ph: (07) 373 57338
Email: j.jones at griffith.edu.au

All presenters are required to be financial members of IASPM. Membership information can be found at the IASPM-ANZ webpage: www.iaspm.org.au, and will also be provided at the time of conference registration. For further membership information, please contact IASPM-ANZ treasurer
Jennifer Cattermole, jennifer.cattermole at gmail.com.

Conference Publication
It is anticipated that a peer-reviewed publication will arise from the conference, under the editorship of Prof. Andy Bennett. Further details and submission guidelines will be announced closer to the conference date.

IASPM-ANZ Postgraduate Prize
Each year, IASPM-ANZ awards one postgraduate presenter with the IASPM-ANZ Postgraduate Prize for the best paper. An independent panel of established members determines the AUD$100 prize. To be considered for this prize, you must be currently enrolled as a postgraduate student. Please indicate your interest in being considered for this prize when submitting your abstract.

Conference Grants for Postgraduates
Postgraduate students who will be presenting a paper at the conference may be eligible for a $100 grant to assist with travel and expenses.
Please contact IASPM-ANZ treasurer Jennifer Cattermole to discuss your eligibility or to ask for further information:
jennifer.cattermole at gmail.com.

About Brisbane and the Conference Venue
The 2008 Conference of IASPM-ANZ is supported by Griffith University’s Centre for Public Culture and Ideas (CPCI). It will take place on the University campus located in the South Bank Parklands, including the Ship Inn. This is the cultural precinct of Brisbane, situated just across the river from the city centre. The Parklands feature seventeen hectares of lush gardens and lawns, the Streets Beach, the magnificent Arbour and promenade, and Little Stanley Street, a bustling strip of cafes, restaurants, bars and boutique retail outlets. South Bank is well known for its relaxed atmosphere and offers delegates the opportunity to swim, walk, ride, eat or see a show after a day of conference activities. Brisbane is also the perfect hub for exploring the sunny Southeast of the state, should delegates decide to extend their conference stay. Moreton Bay beckons with its expansive waterways and myriad of islands, as do the white sand and surf beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, with the Great Barrier Reef just beyond.