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in meath on the navan-nobber road, at a place called kilberry.


'google zeitgeist 2007'

according to google, social networking sites make up 70% of search engine queries, it says here. it also says that facebook has 55 million members and 'a theoretical value of 15 billion dollars'. according to this the iphone was the most popular search of the year. the search term mp3 just made the top ten 'fastest falling'. google puts (actually precious little of) this stuff here. they don't seem to have, for instance, a search option with which to trawl their data.


3 tracks

i had to post.
the bug feat. killa p & flow dan: skeng
from hyperdub 006 (2007). the bug on myspace. some dancehall/dubstep bashment. the bug doesn't often grab me but flow dan and killa p just deliver incredible soundboy burial material in an original style. also, bass.
flesh consumed: fermented slaughter
from fermented slaughter/inhuman butchery (2007). brilliant grind, like the music played by mutant monkeys from another planet before they go into battle. brutal. there's something slightly tribal about some grind bands, its as if they speak a secret musical language. it sounds like a tribe that's moving the wrong way through time, that's why we don't understand it yet. the drums and vocals on this track are awesome. flesh consumed (homepage, or myspace).
techno-b: casterated lion
on the sick compilation put out by acidsamovar records (2007), from russia. i've never heard of this guy before, but apparently he lives in boston. just hard raggacore/breakcore.
i should really just string some of this stuff into a mix.

other news? misrepresentative article about academic work on social network sites here at the washinton post results in ruffled feathers.



disconformity just sound so great. there's more audio at their myspace. here's a video of theirs:


nfos & books

mad archive of oldskool .nfos here - going back to 1989. i have a chapter talking a bit about .nfo files which is why i'm still looking them up, i want to develop it into something.

as it happens, i've been in contact with publishers about my thesis. so far i have a firm 'maybe' and two 'no's. but you have to try and publish it for academic employment. there are a couple of complicated and tedious reasons why it might be difficult to publish as a book, but several chapters could be published right now as journal or anthology articles. a book is better though. but even more than the cv-boost of getting it published, seeing something you wrote in print is obviously pretty exciting and validating. plus, i have to believe, having given over 4 years of my life to it, that it's good, including good enough to publish. and without wanting to blow my own trumpet too much, it might actually be useful to someone - at least, i hope so (you can probably judge that for yourself). the print run is really an elitist academic form of social closure, but it does get stuff to its audience - some people will only read things if they've been peer-reviewed. so the system is good and bad, it allegedly weeds out dross, but it does so in a rather outdated and time-consuming way (the lag between completion and publication becomes even more glaring when the work is about online environments, which don't wait around for publishers. this is evident in a number of fields).



old abelcain from 2001, on a dark industrial tip:

canto iv

abelcain is 'properly darkside', in a kind of gothic, grand guignol way.



this links to an unedited transcript of the fascinating wire interview with burial:
'properly darkside like finding a body in a lift shaft'
i've heard a couple of tracks off the new album but i'm still not too sure about it. i guess i should wait til i hear archangel, which is the track everyone is banging on about. there are two tunes on the first album i really like. he's supposed to have done it all in soundforge, which is pretty impressive. the interview is great, the article, in the magazine, not so great. sometimes i'm a little sceptical of all the hype around dubstep, and its relationship to rave, with words like 'neostalgia' and 'hauntology' being thrown around the place. there's something gripping about the rhetoric for some people, myself included, but occasionally i doubt that the tunes are really living up to that hype.


chip tune becomes 'mainstream'. evidently it is listened to by
'twenty- and thirty-somethings, many shaggy-haired and wearing T-shirts and glasses.'



nice! took me a while to figure out how to post one though. for the time being i just go here.


horror ads

this is the audio from an original ad for a double-bill:
shivers and night of the living dead
and this is an audio capture from the 'spoof' ads in the tarantino/rodriguez grindhouse movie:
maybe i'm being nostalgic, but i have a feeling the first one is superior to the second in every way. it's not just that grindhouse was supposed to be 'ironic' either. whatever it is the first ad has, the second one just doesn't get anywhere near it.



swarrm: blame
swarrrm are grind from kobe. i must remember to post some disconformity.
while i'm at it, and for no particular reason, weekend nachos:
weekend nachos: dog torture





mediadefender-defenders x

the leaked emails cost mediadefender $85000 so far, mostly on client retention. evidently the parent company, artistdirect, are used to losing money on a grand scale.